Accepting the happiness

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I remember the first time life served me happiness in abundance. The vibrational frequency of my mindset was optimal. I had recently changed careers which proved to be a good choice. I really liked my coworkers, and my personal relationships were better than ever. My wife had recently given birth to our first child, Sophia. It felt like I had the perfect life. It seemed like nothing could stand in my way of my happiness.

Not long after, I started realizing how jealous my colleagues were of my positive fortune. I started feeling uncomfortable discussing my happiness with them because I knew it bothered them. I shortly learned to stop discussing the positive things in my life. Not too long after I started avoiding them altogether. It just felt too uncomfortable.  This experience made me realize that not everyone is going to be on the same page as me. Not everyone is going to appreciate the fact that I’m doing well. Among all the naysayers and disbelievers there are plenty of people that respect my happiness and want to see me grow. These are people I want to surround myself around; people I can share my happiness with.

No too long after, I started feeling resentment towards my colleagues. I felt they were damaging my mindset; almost trying to kybosh my happiness. I started feeling like I wasn’t worth the happiness I was feeling. I then started resenting myself and started forging new thoughts in my mind; thoughts of discouragement. This instantly eliminated my ambitions of furthering my happiness. My happiness was reverted at the hands of other people.

You can protect your happiness by never stopping believing in yourself. You are worthy of happiness in abundance. You just need to see it. Don’t let others allow you to give up on your dreams of becoming happy. When others are jealous of your happiness, or if you’re being weighed down by their negativity, be sure to find a healthier environment altogether. Their negativity doesn’t deserve to be present in your life. If you’re passionate about accomplishing something specific, don’t run out and tell everyone about your mission. You need to be selective with the people you discuss your ambitions with. Your goals can be shut down in an instant. One small nasty comment about how you’re going to fail is all that’s needed to persuade you to give up. Be selective with who you share your vision with. Those that want to see you achieve your goals are the ones you want to befriend. Don’t let the negativity of others decide your happiness.


This is only one of the fifteen commandments to happiness. If you’re interested in the complete set of commandments please visit Commandments to Happiness

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