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Another year has come and gone. That’s what they say.

Another year surely has passed. It’s tough to realize how quickly it’s happened too. My children are slowly growing. My expectations and responsibilities are stable, but life just seems to be rapidly increasing in speed as the days roll on-and-on. It’s like this for nearly everyone in the Western Hemisphere. Whatever happened to the simpler less stressful life like it used to be?

Sometimes it’s tough for me to look back at the previous year (at this time of the year) because I can only see the disappointments, or sometimes I feel regret from the decisions I made, but after thirty-six years of following the same tradition of sanctioning myself towards my New Year’s resolutions (which I often failed at miserably), or trying to reset my expectations, year after year, I’ve come to realize that accomplishments aren’t really that important after a while.

I know this contradicts almost everything I’ve said in previous posts but in defense of my words I mean only in the simplest form of enforcement. I mean it only to prove another very important point; to slow your life down every now-and-then. To live in the moment, not in the past or future.

After you’ve spent decades differentiating your New Year’s resolutions, resetting your priorities and forcing your mind to focus on what’s truly important, you’ll come to realize that the more important areas lie in the enjoyment and bliss of past accomplishments and just being still without a planned thought.

Yes, accomplishment is important in the overall spectrum of finding happiness. One needs to feel worthy of something to achieve happiness in he long run. This often comes in the form of physical achievement, but only when one can stop and smell the roses can he be truly at peace and fulfilled within his own mind.

You cannot achieve true lasting happiness until you delve into just being – living in the moment.

So, for this moment, the next moment and for the moment that follows I am choosing to slow my pace down. I’m deciding to focus my attention not on the workings that I am used to pursuing daily, but I’m going to direct my focus elsewhere; in the moment.

Only in the moment will I be able to truly define what’s truly important. In the depths of everything that’s not familiar will I see the true beauty of what is. Only when I can embrace my unexpected thoughts will I get a taste of the true sense of living. That’s when life gets truly interesting and unique. That’s when true lasting fulfillment happens. This is the type of fulfilment I am searching for these days.

I’ve searched for “happiness” for years. Literally my entire life for the last two decades was positioned towards understanding ideal happiness. Aside from my own inner Q&A within my own mind about what ideal happiness is, I’ve delved into thousands of other people’s minds, asking them questions pertaining to their own individual ideal happiness. In my research, I’ve come to conclusion that happiness equals just being. It comes in the enjoyment of life in the moment.

It’s that simple.

We need to slow our minds down to understand what’s truly important. If you’re on constant go-mode all the time, and you forget to live in the moment then there’s literally a zero percent chance you’ll feel the sense of lasting happiness. When your body and mind are in constant fluctuations of go-stop-go-stop-go-stop, like a car in intense traffic, there’s no chance you’ll get to relax and just be.

When you force your mind and body to remain in go-mode you start to become stressed. Your body shows this stress through sickness. When you’re sick there’s even a smaller chance you’ll feel truly happy. Instead, you feel more like crap.

When you allow your mind to relax it begins to repair itself. Your sickness heals and your happiness preceptors increase their tendencies. When your mind is at peace your body is at peace as well. That’s why it’s so important to slow your mind down. It allows you to regain your clarity and your health. That’s my message to you today.

I’ve written fourteen books on finding happiness. The lessons I’ve learned from my own mindful interactions has led me to understand the workings within my own mind. It’s helped me understand what’s important to me. It’s also helped bring clarity to why I don’t receive what I’m looking for; because I’m searching in the wrong place for the wrong things. It’s time for me to take the lessons I’ve learned and apply them to my psyche. And, to do this I’ll really need to stop the inner search for happiness altogether, by slowing my mind down, by stopping my thoughts about happiness altogether. And just be.

I’m content with my accomplishments in my life thus far. I’ve spent a good part of my youth focusing on fulfilment through achievement. The last two decades have been dedicated towards helping society be a better place. My presentations and written work compliment my film productions and music directed at helping people move on from what’s been holding them back in life. My ideal happiness is (and always has been) focused on seeing smiling faces, but it hasn’t been until now that I’ve realized I hadn’t actually been living in the moment, allowing myself to smile with inner peace. That’s what I’m focussing on today.

How could I be in the moment when my mind is always focused on accomplishment? That’s why I’ve decided to slow my pace down. Slow the thoughts in my mind down. And focus on everything my mind isn’t used to focusing on regularity, nothing.

I believe that change is good. It comes at random timing mostly, and isn’t easy to absorb usually, but change is the essence to true happiness. Even in a mindset that’s been engorged in finding truth of life and inner happiness, it too needs to be replenished by just being still.

We can’t free our minds from regret, remorse, hatred or any other negative feeling unless we succumb to changing our minds about the given situation. We need to reflect and forgive to make a conscience change. Only when we change our minds about something will we face The unforeseen realm of happiness. When change occurs that’s when the real magic happens.

Nothing worthwhile comes without some kind of fight. This is a quote that I’ve shared from time-to-time. It reminds me of the fight it’s taken from me to be where I am today. I’m sure most can relate to it. But, from what I’ve learned, something worthwhile can come when the fight is complete. There’s a lot of worth in doing absolutely nothing and just living in the moment.

YOU too can decide to let your imagination sway and force your mind to just live in the moment. This one activity in itself could be a game changer in your pursuit to happiness.

For the rest of your day (or however long you choose to pursue this activity) get rid of the constant flow of your thoughts. Intercept them with peace and quiet. Meditate on the feeling of life in the moment and what that would feel like. Imagine yourself already in a relaxed state like I’m discussing and take the time right now to reflect on nothing, think of nothing and be nothing. Just be.

Bye for now.


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