Accepting life for what it is

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Life is best described as a board game. There are a series of challenges that we must face within our lives in order to move forward in a positive direction. A board game is similar. We, as players within the game, all have two similar things in common; we all want to achieve happiness and neither of us wants to suffer. Even though, happiness (moving forward in the game) doesn’t come easily, and suffering (losing at the game) is evident for everyone at times, it’s the choices that we make within the game that reflect our belief system. For most, they dabble through their lives without an ounce of passion, or they play the game without any ambition. Each of us moves forward facing daily obstacles. These obstacles create both opportunities and limitations. Some become defeated and lose their confidence when faced with an obstacle, whereas, for others, they embrace each obstacle as a learning experience and use it as leverage to make further advancement, thus being able to lead the game. Some hold onto their past experiences, while others gravitate towards the future. The player who is able to maintain a balance between past and futuristic thinking will be able to make quicker and healthier decisions. Meanwhile, most of us fail to realize the true meaning of the game – to be enlightened and to do your best to enjoy every moment. No matter how we approach the game of life, it’s important to accept it for what it is.

Life for many can be bleak, boring and full of limitations that make it seem near worthless, while, for others, they wake up each day with the satisfying feeling that they were given life in the first place. Being grateful is no common ground for these two people. One gravitates towards positivity because they expel it and they see life in a positive realm, while the other attracts only negative influences and experiences because they radiate negativity. In fact, for those that attract only negativity into their lives, they’re also filled with an abundance of limitations and further obstacles, which makes it even more difficult to become enlightened. These people reek of inner sadness, harness remorse and anger, in fact, nobody can force them out of their dull cave of emptiness. Whereas, those that wake up eager for the day to begin and are excited to approach new experiences have found the inner joys of society and the environment around them. Things like friends, passions, nature and everything around them become joyous. They create daily goals that make the game more interesting. They plan their lives for success – financially, spiritually and for their families. The difference between the two is quite drastic. One is constantly embraced with an outer security shell, while the other isn’t even protected by its own master. Their inner confidence is like night and day in comparison, and their perspective of how they see the world is completely opposite. The main difference between the two is this; one will achieve a heightened level of gratification through their experiences, while the other is missing so many fundamentals, it’s likely their souls will die inside well before they pass away in real life. It’s actually quite sad.

By looking at life in terms of a board game, one can see the differences between the two types of players. One looks at life as an opportunity, while the other looks at it as an ongoing battle filled with harshness. It’s evident that the negative thinkers will only continue to bring upon negative results because their minds are trained to look for only the negatives, while, for the positive goal-seeking people, they’re destined for happiness because their minds are programmed for success. Each of us approaches life a little differently. Even though, we’re playing the same game, we make different choices and learn different lessons through our experiences. Fortunately, for the people that see the world as a positive environment, they will be placed amongst the higher realm of happiness, while, for the people that dwell upon negativity, they will continue the same bleak trek in life but with many more struggles.

Life can be very complex at times, especially when one is overwhelmed with demands and negativity. Amongst the complexity of life is fulfillment. As often as life sends us obstacles, it sends us opportunities. These opportunities come a lot easier for those that are enlightened (in a positive state), however, they’re offered to everyone with the same magnitude. Opportunities help us reach inner fulfillment. Without them, we cannot foresee future success. The good news is; they’re available to everyone and surround our every movements, however, many fail to see them because they’re wrapped up in their own defeated mindset.

Each experience that we go through in life offers potential to open opportunities. These can come in the form of relationships, business transactions and spiritual growth. No two experiences are the same, which means that no two opportunities are the same. In fact, our experiences affect us in some of the most profound ways. Many times, it’s easy to differentiate between positive and negative experiences; however, each experience, weather in positive or negative in form, will provide some form of opportunity. Sometimes negative experiences provide us with the biggest and best opportunities. In fact, we learn the best life lessons when we face defeat. When you’re ready for an opportunity, it will present itself to you, however, if you’re not ready for it, your mind won’t even notice the slightest opportunity within your presence. Even though, opportunities usually present themselves during the least expected times, they can be brought by projecting positive thoughts into the environment. When you express your needs to the environment, it will do what it takes to position the right opportunity in front of you. Any religious or spiritual believer knows this. It works the exact same in any situation – a job, wealth, relationships, health, happiness or spiritual growth.

Experiences are neither positive nor negative, they just are. All experiences can be looked at as both positive and negative. It all depends on the perspective you see them through. One person may see an experience as negative, whereas, another person may find only positive qualities within the same experience. In fact, many people make a subliminal point to seek only the positives, or just the negative traits within an experience. It all depends on how their minds were trained in their upbringing. Thinking fully in negative or positive terms can be detrimental to your psyche. If one is to look only for the positives in each experience, they will miss out on many great learning experiences. People that only seek the negative qualities within their experiences; they will live a boring life filled with mediocrity. Every experience harnesses both positive and negative qualities. Even the opportunities that seem one hundred percent positive in nature; they too harness negative qualities, and vice versa for negative experiences. From this perspective, one begins to realize that life is one hundred percent a game of mindset.

Some people take life as it comes, while others are still complaining about what happened to them yesterday. If we hold onto our past and constantly play images from our pasts in our minds, it will only bring feelings of sadness, anger and hostility. Those that live in the present moment and embrace each day; they will be filled with a tremendous inner relief. Complainers have their minds set to focus on the negative aspects of each situation, whereas, those that refrain from such wasteful thinking have set their mindsets to think in positive terms, even in the most crucial and devastating situations. By thinking in positive terms, you are freeing your mind to live in the moment and enjoy the experience. All too often, people’s complaints follow them well into their days and linger within their minds until they fall asleep at night. In fact, their problems and worries irritate them all day long until they find some other form of relief. Many of us fail to realize the damage this may cause. This irritation causes disease, discomfort and further negativity.

It takes practice, motivation, inspiration, and a great deal of inner strength to forge our lives in a positive realm as we pursue enlightenment; however, one can find truth about themselves and gain powerful insight into their psyche if they’re committed to living in the moment. Only those that remain committed will feel the mental release that I’m talking about. To reach full inner enlightenment, it takes the entire removal of one’s negative past history. It means delving deep inside your inner soul, locating the negative traits, while replacing them with positive ones. As mentioned, we grow different perceptions through our lives; we need to constantly replace old limiting beliefs to form positive perceptions of our environment. The way we see the world around us directly reflects the way we see ourselves. It’s all connected to our values and beliefs. Those that harness a negative view upon society will most likely never be satisfied, whereas, those that have forged through the negativity and see the world as a wonderful place to live, they will reap the opportunities and positive qualities that life offers. It’s all in the way you train your mind to think.

It’s important to reprogram your mind to believe in the possibilities, rather than dwelling upon the past. It’s even more important to accept life for what it is. This will allow you to move in a positive direction and embrace the current moment – the only moment that’s important. Get rid of any ill beliefs you hold about yourself and about the world around you. Accept the Universe for what it is, and accept the fact that there are going to be many ups and down in your life. Remember, you are the one that determines your feelings towards every experience you live through. We’re all wired the exact same way, yet we harness different beliefs in our minds. Our differentiating beliefs alter our perception of the world and the way we see ourselves. If you harness any negative beliefs, or if you struggle with limitations that you’ve put upon yourself, do your absolute best to overcome them. You can start by reliving your past experiences in your mind. By reliving your past – no matter what you’ve gone through, you’re accepting the world for what it is. When you can accept your life for what it is, your life will be taken to its highest realm – spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Your life isn’t going to get any better if you don’t take charge of it yourself.


“When you can accept your life for what it is, your life will be taken to its highest realm – spiritually, mentally and emotionally.”

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