Accepting the opportunities

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The law of attraction is one very effective way to bring quality results into your life. We explored this in previous chapters. When practiced properly the Law of attraction generates life-changing opportunities. When this happens you need to be sure to take advantage of these opportunities they persist.

You see it in movies all the time. Mostly in comedies. Everyone’s seen the scene in Dumb and Dumber, at the end of the movie when they’re hitchhiking down the highway wishing they had an opportunity. Moments later a tour bus loaded with beautiful women stops beside them. The bus door opens and a woman says, “We are looking for a couple of guys to rub lotion on our bodies for our photo shoots. Do you know where can find them?” Jim Carrey’s response, “You’re in luck. There’s a town a few miles back where you’re bound to find them.” As the bus leaves they continue to walk down the highway wishing for an ideal opportunity. This is a clear example of a missed opportunity.

Opportunities are missed each and every day. In fact, each of our decisions hold missed opportunities because each decision has multiple outcomes. Who would’ve known if you had of made the other choice? I think about this question quite often actually. While I meditate I usually ask myself this question. It allows me to look at the situation in multiple perspectives. In fact, when I’m deciding to make a large choice in my life I always look at it from as many angles as possible. This allows me to generate the most appropriate choice based on my beliefs and values. Doing this also helps so I don’t miss life’s opportunities.

Opportunities come in a variety of forms. They’re filled with various experiences and provide endless possibilities. The best part about them is; there’s a good chance you can rekindle happiness through them. Opportunities allow us to transform our mindset and strengthen our beliefs and values. They generate new experiences and drive us to meet new people. They give us better financial possibilities and allow us to excel at our passions. Each and every opportunity provides a new way of looking at life.

All too often we miss opportunities that are staring us right in the face because we’re distracted in our current reality. Life gets comfortable quickly, and often times, we aren’t looking for opportunities because we are so caught up in our everyday fiasco of living. There’s no point in working towards positive change unless you’re willing to look for the opportunities when they present themselves. Opportunities exist when one is ready to make positive change. My favorite quote explains this perfectly, “When the student is ready to learn the teacher will be there.” Happiness resides in your missed opportunities. Don’t be naïve. Be ready for the opportunities when they unfold themselves.


Exercise: Look for the opportunities

There are many missed opportunities within our everyday movements. Often times we fail to see these opportunities because we are so focused on what’s normal. The abnormalities, which are opportunities disguised as discomfort are often overlooked because they’re exactly that; uncomfortable. If you haven’t already realized; this books message is all about perspective. It all depends on how you look at any given situation. As mentioned, a tweaked perspective can lead you to happiness quite quickly.

Over the next three weeks I want you to focus on missed opportunities. This is a visualization exercise that’ll help you see the missing pieces to happiness that’s staring directly at you.

When you wake up tomorrow, and for the next three weeks I want you to focus on your daily activities. Primarily on the abnormal things; things that aren’t a part of your everyday regimen. Find abnormal changes in your plans that guide you on a different path. I’m not talking about a change in traffic that forces you a different direction to work. I’m talking about an experience that changes your perspective about something. Perhaps a random email from a company offering you a new line of work, or an overseas vacation that’s offered from a close friend, or even as simple as a television program that inspires you to fulfill your passion. These come to us to entice positive change in our lives. They’re there to help us live better. It could be the girl or guy you had a crush on way back that comes back into your life somehow out of nowhere. These kinds of things are opportunities to experience a new lifestyle; a new way of thinking. They’re there to persuade us to a happier life. Make a mental note, or mark them down in your journal when you come across them. But, most of all, be sure to grasp onto them when they come into your life. They’re to help you shift your perspective.


This is only one of the fifteen commandments to happiness. If you’re interested in the complete set of commandments please visit Commandments to Happiness

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