All this motivational mumbo-jumbo is contradicting

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There’s been a wave of “motivational speakers” flooding the industry. In the past decade there have been more public speaker wanna-bees enter the market than the last 40 years. Most are amateur, trying to make it in a cut-throat economy. Some make their public speaking debut on TedX – the international platform of “what ever you want to speak about.” Whereas, others fail to make it past their first couple of booked gigs.

Either way, it’s great to see that there are more people building their courage to make their mark upon society than ever before. What’s not so appealing is that the same recycled jargon is displayed in the words of literally every “inspirational speech.” Unique doesn’t even ring a bell when it comes to material. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the Roger Bannister story.

I use “quotations” because literally everyone feels they can aspire to be a great leaders through their communication. What’s not so realistic is that their passion is nowhere near what it takes to make it in the industry. And, their words are redundant.

I know from almost two decades of experience in the public speaking industry; driving countless hours daily, calling schools relentlessly vying for their business, and doing everything I possibly could to make it. Blood, sweat and tears doesn’t even do it justice of my efforts. I know a thing or two about the industry; what’s needed to make it. And, from my in-depth observations, I’ve come to realize that very few are awesome at it. Very few have what it takes to make it.

From experience, in order to make it in the industry you MUST have a healthy inner will and confidence. You need to be able to take rejection with a grain of salt. You need to exercise healthy morals and serve values that are in live with your passions. In order to be successful at it you need to free your mind from limiting beliefs and do everything you can to overcome your fears. Yada yada yada

This, of course, is no different than anything you ever heard before. In fact, every single public speaker out; from the professionals to amateurs, they’ve said these exact same words, just displayed in their own style.

Motivation is so redundant these days. You can barely listen to a podcast on any motivational channel without hearing the same kind of stories. Motivational quotes play on repeat on all social media platforms. You read the same anecdotes. You listen to the same heartfelt efforts from the same types of people, who have the same accomplishments. It’s all the same type of shit.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s positive that people are trying to make this earth a better place to live – through their motivational tactics, but a little substance would be nice. A little uniqueness would be enjoyable to take in. Plus, there’s the more realistic figure that trumps all their “motivational preaches,” karma.

It doesn’t matter how much you do for society in a good way, if you’re committed to doing as much negative (in other forms) you won’t receive what you’re looking for. Plain and simple.

Aside from giving in too soon there’s no other reasoning as to why we suffer, and why we don’t achieve our aspirations, other than because of karma. It makes more sense actually.

I can personally attest to this claim.

I’ve worked half of my entire lifetime tying to achieve my ultimate dream – to become the most well-known public speaker. I’ve delved deep into my passion as a motivator. I’ve written books, produced films and documentaries, I’ve spoke to hundreds of audiences and worked on literally every project possible to achieve my goal of spreading my message. There’s no feasible reason as to why I haven’t achieved my goal yet because I haven’t given-up (until recently). The only reason that makes sense as to why I remain complacent these days is due to my karma; my past negativity.

Karma is the number one missing figure in all motivational speeches. It’s the reason why all their motivational tactics are contradictory.

Do their words really mean anything? Are we going to achieve our goals and aspirations simply by thinking positive? Or, are we withering away the things we want the most simply by doing wrong behind the scenes?

I think the latter part is conclusive. It’s truly all about your karma.

All this motivational mumbo-jumbo stuff is contradictory.


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