Are we ever satisfied?

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Every year we host the same New Years resolutions. We aim for better health, better jobs, more money, more fulfilling relationships, yada yada. In the meantime our expectations of ourselves increase.

We fail to achieve these things because we remain complacent, still taking the exact same footsteps as yesterday.

We tell ourselves we have what it takes to achieve what we want in life but our failures have told us otherwise. We try to plow through our regrets but they’re too intense. We hide behind the lies we’ve constantly been telling ourselves.

If we haven’t been brought down from the lies we’ve told then we lay in our own self-pity. We can’t get away from the hurt because it’s been present for so long. We don’t even know where to start when it comes to finding happiness. We try to remain grounded, living lives close to what “normal” means, but we can’t even comprehend what normal is anymore.

Life is so screwed these days. From politicians to the #Metoo movement, and all the other disheartening realities that plague everyday society, that’s what we’re up against. And, through all this we are still vying for better lives.

For the ones who seem like they actually do have their lives together; the ones who have nice houses, fancy cars, money in the bank, and college degrees out the wazzoo. Unfortunately, they’re the really screwed up ones. They’re the ones that cannot be happy no matter how much they have. Even if they had all the money in the world, all the nicest cars money could buy, they still would be unhappy.

There’s got to be a happy medium in-between the super rich and poverty. But, no matter where we get in the totem pole of society we still ALWAYS want more.

When are we going to realize that what we already have is already good enough? When are we going to understand that we are and have always been satisfied with our lives?
Humanity has been blinded all along.

Commercials, movies, billboards, magazines and our government all have one thing in common. They all are extremely influential.

Society has literally shaped our morals, our beliefs and our values for us. It’s even established for us what our desires and ambitions are. Even what type of work we pursue.

You don’t have to go past simple window shopping in your favorite shopping Center to realize what can make your life simpler. What’s not as clear to see is that society is pretty much in control when it comes to your happiness and what’s possible.

We make the similar choices and strive for similar things in life because we are persuaded to believe similar beliefs. We see the same movies. We drive by the same billboards and read the same magazines. We see the same commercials, scroll the same videos on Facebook. Even the (same) government inspires us daily to make similar choices.

Maybe satisfaction comes from just being. Perhaps happiness isn’t quite in the activities we pursue but more so in the silence we pursue. Maybe we are good just the way we are, no pursuit needed. That’s what our teachers told us when we were young. At least the good ones did.

Makes sense.


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