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Each of us are responsible for our own happiness. Happiness is something that’s brought on by the observer, not just given. It’s something that needs your minds consistent focus and attention. Once it comes it doesn’t just stay and never leave. It is something that needs ongoing cultivation. There are no manuals (other than this one) telling you how to be happy. We aren’t taught in school how to be happy. No professor has a class on happiness. The good news, as you’ve already seen, is that there’s plenty of exercises to help you gain happiness. One of which is meditation.

Our fast-paced society makes us forget about the important aspects of our lives. Our children, our friends, our passions and desires are withered away at the hands of the things we think will make us happy; materialism and more money. In addition, technology has wasted away our connection with our families. It’s ironic how cellular phones disconnect us more than they bring us together. Its primary focus is now in the games, the apps, the online tournaments, and everything else the phone can do. The secondary function is communication. Our lives are being wasted away slowly through technology. We can see it in our news feeds, through television ads, it even pops up on your home screen when you’re searching the web. The time you spend on the technology in your pocket is what’s keeping you from finding happiness. Among the busyness I recommend you meditate regularly to slow down life’s pace.

Meditation serves some incredible health benefits, like increased patience, decreased stress and prolonged happiness. It also allows you to tap into your imagination which can enable endless possibilities too. The truth about meditation is; it only serves those who believe in the process, and those who are patient. When you are actively meditating your body automatically starts defragging (cleaning) the junk from your mindset. It’s the best way to detoxify the plague that ruins your thoughts. There are a variety of methods of meditation. It all depends on which style makes you comfortable. I prefer to do most of meditation alone in my own home. I feel that public forums take away from the experience because the meditation room is usually filled with people. I feel like people are watching me while my eyes are closed. This gives me slight anxiety and doesn’t allow me to tap into my full meditative state. This is my personal opinion, and perhaps something I just need to accept and deal with, but for now I appreciate the meditation from my home. Here is a simple meditation exercise that will serve tremendous results.


Exercise – Zero point meditation

Before I can teach the meditation itself, you need to understand what Zero point actually means. Zero point is the short term for Zero point energy field. We live in a physical world; in a three dimensional reality. In this 3D world everything we understand is split into two categories; matter and anti-matter. All matter in its depth, including me and you vibrate at a certain frequency. Each of us vibrate on a different level of frequency because our values, beliefs and thoughts are entirely different.

If you hit a piano tuning fork against a solid object, a certain vibrational frequency will be emitted, depending on how hard you hit it. You can actually hear the frequency in which it’s vibrating. Humans have become evolved in a way they can be conscious of their intelligent energy. The Zero point is a measurement of the frequency your body and mind are vibrating at. Vibrating at a higher frequency is important because you can only attract that of which is vibrating at a similar frequency into your life. If you’re vibrating at a low frequency there’s a good possibility you won’t attract the positive change you were hoping to achieve before you opened this book. By operating at a higher frequency you will reap the rewards of happiness.

The Zero point is a balanced state of consciousness. This is an experience where you feel fully in the moment. It is a combined state between zero emotion and zero thought. During this state you feel connected only with your own personal energy. At this stage all other energy in the environment around you starts to flow with the rhythm of your energy rather than against you. Once this exercise is completed your body and mind will feel an increased state of energy and vitality. This exercise allows you to not only tap into your Zero point energy, it also allows you to leverage it to increase the possibilities in your life. With practice you’ll actually be able to manipulate and enhance your current energy. Remember, when you’re operating at a higher frequency better people come into your life, more better-quality opportunities are unfolded, and you become a much happier individual. Here’s how you can tap into your own Zero point energy through meditation.

So, to begin, let’s start with a simple energy exercise. Take both of your palms and rub them together vigorously for about 30 seconds to one minute. Then stop abruptly. Feel the blood rushing through your fingertips. You can feel the heat. That heat is energy. Separate your palms parallel to each other, approximately an inch apart. Gently move your hands closer, then further apart, closer, then further apart. Repeat this pattern a couple of times. Observe the feeling of the space between your hands. You can literally feel the energy transfer as your hands come closer together. This is just a simple example that gives you a glimpse of your energy field.

Now for the meditation.


Part 1 consists of a breathing exercise, Part 2 is a visualization exercise, and Part 3 is the meditation.

Part 1: Find a quiet comfortable place and sit either crossed legged or on a chair. Feet slightly apart with your palms facing upward resting on your thighs. In order to assist with concentration and getting the full benefit of this meditation you need to learn how to relax your body. Relaxing the body is an important aspect in the meditation process. It’s important to relax the body before you can relax your mind. Here we will use a type of breathing called Yogic breathing.

Breathe in through your nose and let your stomach expand with each breathe. Hold your breath for six seconds. Breathe out through your mouth, and let your stomach fully deflate with each breath. The attention should be on your stomach and not your chest. Do as many reps as you need to get slightly tired.


Part 2: Grounding (visualization) is a very important part of the process. More so than the breathing exercise. We all have built-up stress in our bodies. This stress runs through our veins until it’s relieved. Imagine bottling up all your frustrations and not relieving your emotions (the tension) until you have a negative conversation with another person. You let it all out on him/her. Maybe you even start crying. Fifteen minutes later it feels like you came from the spa. You feel rejuvenated. This is considered grounding. Grounding allows you to connect with the peace in your own energy field. It allows you to visualize without being scrutinized by yourself.

Stress impacts your life a lot more than you may realize. In fact, most of the illnesses and sickness you’ll experience is due to a low immune system. Your immune system is deficient because of the bottled-up stress in your life. The stress came from the negative conversations you’ve had with family and co-workers. It comes from obstacles standing your way. Even the traffic on your way to work affects your stress levels. Once you get a grasp on your stress you’re able to excel your way to happiness. Let’s get back to the exercise.

Zero-point meditation: Imagine a beam of light passing through from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. Also imagine roots coming out of the ground. These roots are attached to your feet. Imagine all the energy flowing through the beam of light, from your head to your soles is free-flowing energy passing through you into the rest of the environment. Now release all your emotions into the environment. Let the negativity you’ve bottled up over the past few weeks fade from your consciousness as you expel it. Fell these emotions leaving your body through the beam of light. Feel it like lava flowing down past the roots attached to your feet. At the same time, empty your mindset of thought altogether. Imagine your thoughts being sucked away through the beam of light flowing through you. Emotions out downwards, thoughts out upwards. Expel them simultaneously. This feeling alone is worth the effort you put into it. Initially, it may take some time to register your thoughts and find the comfort you need to move forward. With practice this will come. Do this continuously until you hear the sounds of your heart pulsating through your chest.


Part 3: At this point you have reached a vacuum of thoughts and emotions and now ready for the next part of the process; receiving the meditation. It will happen naturally. Just observe and be still, and feel the energy around you. Just be present, live in the moment, and enjoy the process. Breathe slowly and relax. Doing this regularly will increase your lifespan and help you achieve things much easier. When your mind is free from toxins your body fights off illness and stresses much easier. Less stress equals more happiness.

Attaining the connection to the Zero point will help your body and mind to operate at an optimal vibrational frequency. If this exercise is done regularly your spiritual path with evolve quickly.


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