Do we overthink our happiness?

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Even though our lives seem relatively similar there are truly only two things that every human being on this planet shares for sure; we all wish for more happiness and neither of us wants to suffer.

Suffering is the opposite of happiness. This is easy to distinguish. What’s not so obvious is what fulfills our happiness. Yes, there are the obvious fundamentals that equate for more happiness such as friendships, opportunities, love, passion, etc, but anyone can attest that happiness in any prolonged form isn’t very easy to accomplish.

You would assume that happiness is just as easy to form in comparison to any other characteristic in life but your assumptions would be quite wrong. Happiness is a lot more difficult to achieve than you would imagine. Happiness comes to most with great difficulty. Part of the reason why it’s so hard to grasp is due to our overthinking nature.

We constantly think about ways we can generate more happiness, which is the primary reason why we don’t have it. Unfortunately, the more you want something the greater difficulty it is to accomplish.

This may seem like a contradicting statement, but you will see yourself that all of your previous wants (goals) were more difficult to bring to fruition compared to those of which you had no emotional attachment to.

We are constantly persuaded to believe happiness comes from materialism and money. Literally everywhere we look we are encouraged to seek our happiness in shopping centers and online. Constantly we are bombarded with advertisements depicting a false reality. They promise satisfaction upon its purchase but it only drives us further from being happy. Advertisements only increase our expectations.

Aside from materialism there’s a plethora of reasons behind our lack of happiness. Money, opportunity, family, love and support, these are just a few characteristics I’m talking about. They are the underlining fundamentals of achieving more happiness, but, for most, these things come with great difficulty. In fact, neither of us has the perfect combination of satisfaction. We all want more happiness regardless how great our lives are.

We feel privileged to experience more joy and satisfaction, but very few of us actually get to any place close to true lasting happiness. We are always vying for more love, more opportunity, more materialism, more support and appreciation, and more of everything really. The problem is; even if we’ve achieved the majority of these areas of happiness we would still feel inadequate.

Not one human being on the face of this planet harnesses 100% true lasting happiness.

The biggest reason why we aren’t happy is because we constantly overthinking our happiness. We think of what’s missing in our lives daily. We are always thinking of how we can get what we want/need. We worry about not having enough. We worry about our failed relationships. We worry if we are good enough parents. We worry if we are good enough colleagues and coworkers. All of this worry equates to the opposite of happiness. It drives us nuts. Unfortunately, this level of overthinking is only driving our expectations through the roof. This is the perfect combination for catastrophe.

Are you one of those people who constantly overthink their happiness? Well, if you are, join the rest of the 7 billion people on this planet because everyone overthinks their happiness regardless of who you are.

Quite possibly the best way to form more happiness in your life is simply by wanting less. Unfortunately, we’ve garnered a rather tainted perspective of what’s truly important in life. Aside from the Necessities; a roof over our head, food on the table, opportunity, health, support and the like, we really have all that we need to be happy. Once we start asking for more than the necessities that’s when we run into trouble.

I get it, it is difficult to overcome our tendencies of wanting more stuff. Maybe one needs to realize that neither of their materialistic purchases serve any purpose in the realm of happiness. More actually means less in this case.

Perhaps we overthink our happiness too much, and that’s the reason why we are so dissatisfied with our lives. In fact, our dissatisfaction goes far beyond just a frown on our faces. Our satisfaction cuts deep into our soul, and it plagues our mindset disabling any chance of contentment. I believe the only possibility of attending more happiness is by thinking less about what we want/need and give more focus on just living life.

Our dissatisfaction has infiltrated our beliefs and values, where we’ve begun to fear our lives and the people we’ve become. This level of thinking is only going to make things worse.

The key to more happiness is less thinking and more being. It’s all about increasing your appreciation for life itself.


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