Don’t remain complacent for too long

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Much of our ambition gets wasted away because we remain complacent. Often times, our goals don’t even get a platform to launch from because our aim isn’t in the right place. Talented artists of all kinds go unnoticed all the time because of this very same truth. It’s unfortunate to see that much of humanity is too complacent to make a go of their lives.

Luckily, I had caring parents that persuaded me to never fall into complacency. They were always teaching me new aspects about goal setting and find my passion. Although, my upbringing wasn’t as stable as some of my friends, for the most part, it was ideal. My parents never stayed together but they made sure that I always had support. This led me to finding my own passions, which I definitely took advantage of.

I’ve written 14 books, and spoken to over 1 million students in nearly 600 communities. I’ve produced films and documentaries and distributed them through the North American school system. I’ve traveled nearly every square inch of North America, and I’ve also written/produced two musical albums on motivation. And, I still fail to remain complacent. I still somehow want more of my life.

Each of my accomplishments have been comforting. Every step I take in life adds to the mark I wish to leave upon society (in a good way). In fact, very few of my accomplishments go on noticed by me. I always make a point to celebrate each accomplishment. This encourages me to continue my pursuit.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same will power and confidence in themselves. Very few actually step out of their comfort zone, and most of which fall to complacency.

You don’t have to go very far to see that people give up on themselves too often. In fact, if you listed three family members and three friends, at least half of them would be the complacent-seekers that I speak of.

I have a friend who has been writing an album for nearly 2 decades. When I listen to his work it sounds nearly perfect. I can’t tell the difference between a few changes. But, he still hasn’t completed it yet because perfection is important to him. Unfortunately, in his case, the perfection led to his complacency. He never felt perfect enough to launch the album, or even complete it. In fact his complacency led to the demise of his confidence in the project which still hasn’t been completed. I’m not sure if he will ever complete it.

In my discussions with teenagers over the years, I have come to a conclusion that complacency is spreading like a plague these days. Very few teenagers have the ambition anymore, or the motivation to move forward, or the inspiration to make something of themselves. Instead, they fall to complacency; somewhere nobody should be encouraged to pursue.


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