Eliminating want – all of it

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As a youth motivator, I get quite a bit of opportunity to reach out to different players in society, each of which have varied perspectives on any given subject. I’ve always made a point to take advantage of the opportunity anytime I get to talk to someone because their viewpoint helps me distinguish what’s truly important in life.

Although I like to stay away from gaining my opinions based entirely off other peoples opinions, their viewpoint on any given subject helps me gain clarity. It builds proof for some of my own theories.

For the sake of this post I’ll stick to the topic at hand, but, across the board, my theories are proven based not only on my own opinion but through the opinions of others I come across.

What is evident in nearly all of my discussions with others is that we are all searching for more. We all want more of everything. We want bigger houses, better opportunities, better paying jobs, more materialism. It never ends.

In my discussions, in the past 18 years, very few of these discussions didn’t harness some sort of want.

Now, the majority of the discussions I hosted pertained to happiness, or discussion around the subject. What individual doesn’t want more happiness? What I found more interesting is that the majority of people I talked to truly believed they would harness more happiness through having more. But, contrary to this belief, it’s actually quite the opposite. You receive more happiness when you get rid of your wants.

Although this may be a very tough pill to swallow, it’s not very tough to understand that the less you want the more you’ll receive. The very fact that you want something in the first place just gives your mind more to be expectant of. Your expectations are based on your wants, and the more that you want the more you will expect.

It’s important to keep this into consideration because, just like Jay-Z says, “more money more problems,” You very well could land yourself in the same predicament. More actually equals less in the realm of happiness.

Maybe the reason why you aren’t where you want to be is because you want too much. Perhaps you need to start from scratch. Perhaps you need to explore the reasons why you are so dissatisfied with your life. I believe it very well could be because you have too many expectations.

Do this exercise on payday.

Just before payday write a list of at least five things you truly want to purchase; materialistic items you believe will make your life easier/more enjoyable.

On payday, go to your favorite shopping center with your list and spend no less than an hour exploring different stores as you normally would. In fact, imagine as if it’s Christmas all over again. But, as you are exploring the different stores and the different options, make you sure to never take out your credit card from your wallet. Don’t use any cash, or even your debit card. In fact, leave your purse/wallet in your car altogether before you enter the mall.

This may seem like a ridiculous concept at first, but as you will explore yourself, you’ll see that this exercise is to restrain you from purchasing anything altogether. Its to challenge your mindset.

After you’ve spent at least an hour in the shopping center, without even going to the food court and spending a dime, exit the doors and walk back to your car while driving back home.

When you get back home, take out your journal and write down the experience; how you felt, what you learned, and make sure you include some space to eliminate the things off your your shopping list altogether because you don’t need them.

Remember, less is more in the equation to happiness.


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