Everyone has an opinion about everything

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It doesn’t take rocket science to determine that everyone has their own opinion about everything. In fact, you only need to strike up a conversation with someone else about anything to realize that their opinion differs from yours about any given subject. What’s not so obvious is your own opinion.

Sometimes other people’s opinions just get in the way of ours and make the decision all that more difficult. Sometimes, its best to just maintain your own opinion rather than trying finding other perspectives.

It’s no different than going to your favorite restaurant where the menu is comprised of hundreds of choices. The vast amount of choice makes for a difficult decision in the long run. If you start interacting with the people you are with to get their perspective (on menu choice), their opinions will most likely interfere with what you wanted in the first place.

The same goes with every other everyday decision; if you’re plagued with numerous opinions, there’s a very slim chance you’ll come to an agreement with an any single opinion, even if that opinion is your own.

It’s clear that our colleagues, coworkers, friends and family members have different opinions within any given situation. That’s why sometimes it’s difficult for us to talk to them.

I find it difficult sharing my goals and aspirations with most of my colleagues because they just don’t share the same ideas.

Now, there are pros to being different or having a different perspective. Sometimes we need to see things from a different view/perspective in order to move forward. Sometimes we need to see it through new eyes, otherwise we would remain still and complacent.

Yes, there are pros and cons to this. But, there’s no better way in life than creating your own way (through your own opinions). Rather than following what others are doing, take he initiative to take the lead in your life.

Make your own decisions based on what you believe. Decide to follow your passions rather than letting them get shot down by other peoples negative reasoning. Be confident in yourself.

Don’t let other people‘s opinions taint your pursuit in accomplishing something great on this earth. Your life, your ambitions and your happiness is too important to compromise.

Decide today that you are important! Believe that you are fully capable of making every decision needed to find ultimate happiness. Be a team player in your own life, and stop focusing on what everyone else wants/needs/believes. Your opinion matters!


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