Everything in Moderation

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Everything within moderation. This is an important motto to live by.


Moderation allows us to stay balanced. Too much of anything is a bad thing. It leads to addiction.  I’ve personally seen friends and close family members of my own whose lives have been spared due to their addictions. Addictions rob us of happiness through projecting a failed sense of happiness. Our addictions trick us every time they persist. In fact, I’ve seen countless people driven into the depths of negativity at the hands of their addictions. Moderation for them is only a figment in their imagination. If they would just realize a tweak to their mentality would offer a grander opportunity to fulfill their true desires.

When I talk about addictions I’m not just specifying illegal drugs, drinking and gambling. I’m talking about even the minor addictions we feed in our ever day regimen. Things like shopping (online and off-line), eating (over-eating and junk foods), and the like. Every addiction adds the same realm of negativity into our lives.

Addictions rob us of our innocence. They lead to bad choices and disappointments, and they corrupt our lives in more ways than you can imagine. They manipulate our personality to the point you can barely recognize the person’s behavior. People with intensive addictions will whittle their lives away in a never ending cycle of negativity because, for them, their addiction doesn’t exist.

We’ve seen it with smoking and common street drugs; how addictive something can be. But we also need to look into other smaller addictions that we may often overlook; ones that have been a part in our everyday regimen for far too long. An addiction to shopping may not be seen like it’s an aggressive addiction compared to alcoholism however it plagues our lives in a similar fashion. The shopping itself becomes an addiction due to a psychological imbalance. Perhaps you feel worthless to some extent and the shopping fills your happiness void. Even shopping addiction’s lead to divorce. Addictions should have no place in our lives because they’re filled with negative intentions. A smoker will lead to serious health defects which could potentially kill him or her. An addiction to shopping could lead to personal or business bankruptcy. This is why our addictions are so harmful.
Exercise: Sourcing your addictions

In your journal jot down your primary addictions. This is a difficult exercise for some because, often times, addictions aren’t easily seen by the addicted. Generally, the addiction is only seen from an outside perspective. Writing them down allows you to acknowledge them, which is the first step to eliminating them.


Don’t let something that can be easily changed alter your perspective of reality. No addiction is worth compromising your happiness.

When doing this exercise try to delve deep into the reserves of your mind. Envision yourself doing your daily activities. Are there addictive things in your current regimen? Like purchasing a cup of coffee every single time you drive to the office. Are you addicted to pulling your cell phone out every five minutes to check your news feed? Think of every small little addiction you have. Many of us actually have quite a few, but we don’t realize this until we get to know ourselves. Even our small addictions are damaging. Moderation is the key.

Phase two of this exercise would be taking a look at your last month’s bank statement. See which cravings cost you the most that month. Addictions are in your everyday purchases.

Often times, an addiction can spread to multiple addictions. The everyday coffee for instance. If you purchase a simple two dollar cup every day it’ll slowly deplete your bank account. Although coffee isn’t extremely dangerous to your health, the sugar and extra cream will deplete your health over time. Our addictions are self-defeating

Try to focus on one specific addiction at once. Slowly eliminate each of them one at a time. This exercise is all about eliminating the attachment. Get your thinking cap on because this exercise requires a lot of in-depth thoughts about your addictions. When you’re ready, pick one issue on the list and start eliminating it from your conscious mind.

Ask yourself these questions. How did I develop the addiction in the first place? Who does the addiction remind me of? What benefits of my receiving from my addiction?

Now it’s time to weigh the pros and cons of the addiction. Write a list of the 10 positive qualities of the addiction, then the top 10 negative qualities of the addiction. This will show you that no matter what addiction you have, there’s more negative qualities than positive. If smoking is your addiction the obvious negative affect would be harsh health issues, perhaps difficult time breathing, smelly breath, it looks unprofessional, and a variety of others. Comparing that to the pros … I can’t even name one because I can’t find any. Try this exercise and see how well you can define the reason behind your addictions. This will help you form a clearer perspective of the damage they’re causing you.


This is only one of the fifteen commandments to happiness. If you’re interested in the complete set of commandments please visit Commandments to Happiness

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