Have ‘the good days’ come and gone?

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Have ‘the good days’ come and gone?

This is one question that arises frequently in the minds of most. Humanity has driven its people too far these days, and it’s not that difficult to see that Life isn’t all that fun anymore, for the most part.

I mean, let’s focus on the single most important factor of our survival – the one thing that 99% of us often overlook, and the one thing that we are at most risk these days; our security.

Our security has been severely compromised. The twin towers, San Bernardino, Columbine, just to make a few. These were all factors that depict a shameful decade and a half of our times with terrorism. And I haven’t mentioned ‘ballistic missiles’ in conversation.

We can’t drive to work in the morning without the thought of road rage. Or go to the movie theater without the thought of someone shooting up the place. We can’t fly to the air or send our kids to school, or even go to a concert these days without the thought of it too. This makes us extremely uncomfortable in our shoes.

It’s unfortunate all the deaths that have occurred in the past decade strictly from terrorist attacks on humanity. In the US there are more deaths from terrorists than Canadians have altogether in all categories. It’s quite substantial.

Let’s get back to the point.

Aside from security there’s opportunity. It feels like there’s been such an increase in population, so much that all the good opportunities have already been absorbed by society. This too makes us uncomfortable.

Plus, there’s responsibility. We seem to have too much of it which brings our focus less on fun and more on priorities.

Then, there’s respect. This weighs way less than it used to back in the day. We can’t buy respect from most people. This includes both the corporate and less professional sides of reality.

I believe the majority of society is emotionally drained from others and they’re tired of dealing with them altogether.

All of this makes life less fun and more serious. It brings truth to the above question, have ‘the good days’ come and gone?

Has life become too serious and less interesting? Have we built a hatred towards society in general? Have we built a tolerance to our joyous side, or become immune to happiness? Either way, I see a world that could be much happier.


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