How much is actually enough?

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I find it difficult to comprehend why certain people work longer than they need to. Often times I will see an individual who has more than enough accomplishment under the belt; people who have achieved great things in their lives, those who have achieved millions in their bank accounts, or those who harness a handful of flashy cars and huge homes. I would assume that at some point enough is enough.

This reminds me of one of my favorite uncles. It was like no matter how much he had he always wanted more. And, his intensive schedule matched his intensive lifestyle. He often flew in a Learjet, partied with lavish people, and always seemed to have the latest gadgets. He definitely was never without.

My uncle is a different story because after a decade of successful business he decided to end it all and become a bus driver. And, all throughout the years, the past couple of decades, I wondered why he let it all go. It wasn’t until now that I realized his intentions were to be happier.

He knew that if he carried an intensive schedule, always running around, flying all over the place, he would barely be around his family, and chances of growing a family and having children were slim, therefore, he decided to eliminate it altogether and search for happiness in another direction; at the bus lot.

It baffled my mind years after as to why he let it all go. I mean, I remember him spending money foolishly, giving us money every time he saw us. Money to him was like it had no expiry date; like it was going to be there forever.

As I am reminded of the simple life being a happier place compared to all the hustle and bustle, I realize his (my Uncle) reasoning. He was tired of the lifestyle that was asked of him every day, and he wanted more Life in the moment. That’s why he decided to let it all go.

Regardless if he had achieved millions of more dollars in his bank account, or if he succumbed to the latest gadgets, if he was a successful business owner or a bus driver, he will always shine in the light of inspiration to me.

As a business owner I too have succumbed to the over-achieving mindset. There were times where I would never had thought I would ever give up my business, but recently (December 2017) I decided to let go of my expectations in business and focus my attention on my family and raising my kids. They are clearly the more important reality.

I am happy today.

But, some people like to remain busy. Although they’re content with what they’ve achieved, or they’re happy with what they have (although this is very rare), they also like to remain busy. Some people need to remain busy otherwise they’d lose their minds.

Sometimes it’s tough to focus your mind on something else after it’s been thinking of something specific for so long. It’s like an ‘old dogs new tricks’ kind of thing.

Think about it; a recent retiree; someone who’s been focused on something for their entire lives, then one day they wake up and they don’t have it to focus on. It’s tough to comprehend sometimes.

I hope this helps:
Money doesn’t define us. Our choices define us. And, it’s our choices that will ultimately lead us to what/where/how we get to the future.

It doesn’t matter where you are today or the choices you’ve made in the past. It’s never too late to change your mind altogether, whatever that means.


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