Humanity is on and entertainment overload

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Modern civilization has produced more technological advancement in the last five years compared to 500 years previous, it’s no wonder why humanity is on in entertainment overload these days.

We live in the age of entertainment, where we expect to constantly be entertained. Cellular telephones, televisions, computer screens and the like; they make our brains run at an incredibly fast pace. Meanwhile, these devices pretty much do the thinking for us.

Software happens to be one of the fastest moving technological advancements in the modern day. There’s literally an application for everything in our lives. These applications take care of the business for us. They keep track of our schedules and teach us everything we need to know. They Provide us with the latest news, and they even help us find our mates. There’s not much that’s a smart phone, tablet, or even your television cannot do these days.

Yes, technology is making its mark in society, but its driving our minds to an overload.

The days of the telephone, when it was used for an actual telephone call are long gone. Society has moved in a more efficient, less communicative approach. Text messages, emails and Tweets have replaced our communication. In fact, humans barely make eye contact with their peers anymore because they are so engrained into their phones.

Youtube, Google, Twitter, iPhone, and all the other nine million companies that send us push notifications; they all have one thing in common – they’ve learned how to psychologically hook us on entertainment, and they’ve chosen to not only capitalize on it but they’ve monetized it too. So, rather than actually using our cell phones for what they were meant for, we are scrolling our newsfeeds, posting pictures every 5 to 10 minutes to Instagram, or playing video games. We spend nearly 10 minutes trying to find the right hashtags before we post on our favourite social media stations. We have simply become overloaded with entertainment.

Now, entertainment seems like a great thing. Who doesn’t like to be entertained? The truth is; there’s nothing wrong with being entertained until it becomes habitual. Once you’ve become hooked there’s no turning back. And, the unfortunate part is that most of society doesn’t know they are hooked as bad as they actually are.

Over 50% of our daily activities are habitual. This means that over the years you’ve generated habits habitually. You adhered to whatever felt comfortable and pleasing. For example, you have succumbed to driving the same way to work each day, when there are plenty of other directions you could go. Yes, they may take longer to get there, but wouldn’t it be nice to see a little different scenery every now and then?

Habits aren’t always negative. For example, driving the same way to work each day, although habitual in nature, it gets us there work quicker. Now, when you look at other habits, such as scrolling our newsfeeds, looking at our phones every 3 to 4 minutes, binge television watching, playing video games and the like, you’ll come to realize that habits can be quite negative. Often times, they get in the way of our responsibilities. You only need to step out in public for five minutes to see how many people are addicted to their cellular telephones. Everywhere you go, you see couples sitting in restaurants across from each other barely looking at each other because they are so engrained into their phones. You go to the grocery store and you see mothers so absorbed into Facebook that their children are literally hanging off of them trying to get their attention. Unfortunately, habits formed through technology are never positive.

It’s unfortunate to see that civilization has driven itself quite far apart from each other. Technology is to blame for this. People would rather watch their television sets than communicate with another person. They would rather send them an email than pick up the phone and call them. They would rather tweet their political concerns then actually getting up from their desk and doing something about it – Trump.

Either way, technology isn’t going anywhere other than in a forward direction. More applications, software, hardware, handheld devices, etc. is being implanted into society daily than any other product, service or commodity. There’s a good chance humanity will become even more addicted, which will only bring less empowerment to our communication.

How about yourself? When was last time you took a look at your daily habits? Remembering that over 50% of your activities include them…

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