I’ll commit suicide for you

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I’m so fucking disgusted these days, about how people get treated in society. Their messed up ways are a disgrace to everybody. I used to want to relieve the tension of their suicidal tendencies, but I gave up on that when I realized there’s no fucking end to it.

Students shooting up Kids in their school. It’s a war inside of their walls. Young kids offing themselves. Social media posts bringing them down to their lowest. Fuck, I can’t keep track of all this Terroristic nonsense. It’s burning a hole inside my thoughts.

Egotistical fucking people, wishing they had a better life to live. But they can’t, so they just torment all the ones emotionally lower than them. Their parents are so Fucking crazy. They don’t even take the time to believe in their offspring. Their kids leave their homes and come to school with redemption and attitude. Assholes.

Their words are so fucking hurtful to each other. If they could only see how bad their words cut into them. But, then again, they’re the ones who get beaten when their at home. The ones we wouldn’t even imagine could be possible. They try to fit into society, in school, but the abuse is so fucking harmful, it’s painful. Anger is the only thing they know about.

I wish I could’ve saved these kids from taking their own lives, but I’m barely standing still in my own tracks these days. I’m tired of being in a society I’m ashamed to be in. I gave up on helping them see themselves. Rather than teaching them I’m sitting alone inside of my basement inside of my thoughts.

I’ve witnessed tears fall from almost every type, age, person. People who only wanted to see something in them. Dreams were taken. So many stupid fucking racists. These people don’t understand how hurtful they are. They drive us insane with their fucked up antics and games. Driving our minds to suicidal tendencies. Children don’t even want to be alive in their own footsteps anymore. I don’t blame them. It’s the exact same way I feel these days.

My message isn’t to save myself, or to bring attention to our fucked up reality. It’s to show these kids who are being beaten inside, tormented from these fucking assholes who should crawl up and die. But, then again, it really isn’t their fault. It’s their parents who drained them. They say they spent enough time to raise them. But started this whole fucking problem in the first place.

I’m talking to You though this time! The one with the gun pointed to your thoughts. I know you’ve compared yourself to other people. Wondering why you are not as good as them. But you are. Unfortunately you’ll never know this though. They never gave you the chance to see it within yourself.

Your mind is screaming at you inside, just like my mind, from all the nasty shit I’ve seen and dealt with. I can’t bare anymore fucking sadistic practises. It’s tearing apart every positive aspect in My life. I feel so insignificant to everyone, to myself. So, just like you feel, I’m going to pull the trigger and off myself. Fuck it. I’ll commit suicide for you. Goodbye!

I’m leaving you behind. I can’t bare another lonely life. I’m screaming inside.

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