I’m Grateful

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Over the past few years I’ve build a tradition for myself. Every day I awake I state a list of things I’m grateful for. This single activity has not only heightened my senses to what’s important to me, but it has catapulted my life in so many profound ways. Let me explain.

Let’s face it; life is no different than the film Groundhog Day. It’s a never-ending playback of the day prior, and the day prior, and the day prior…. It can often be difficult to find happiness in a never ending roller coaster that seems to have no end to it. Our responsibilities get mixed in with the tedious activities that we pursue, all of which prioritize the different roles that each of us play.

Being grateful is yet another way to increase your happiness. It’s also a great way to embellish the things that you have that perhaps others don’t. This feeling in itself will catapult your aspirations.

Science has proven that being grateful will not only increase your happiness preceptors but it will generate a continuous flow of happy thoughts, triggering a flow of dopamine – the happiness chemical in your body. This is in itself is encouraging.

The very simple act of being grateful is one of the easiest things you can do to start your day on the right foot. It takes a little as 30 seconds. And, from experience, I guarantee that when you instill this one single activity into your life it will transform your perception of reality entirely.

Here’s where I am grateful for.

Every day I awake state I state this to myself (usually in the shower or on my way to work):

I am grateful for my happiness and health. I’m grateful for my daughters; Sophia and Olivia. I’m grateful for my wife, Melanie. I’m grateful for my mom and my dad and brothers and sisters. I’m grateful for all that I have experienced; the people I’ve met and all my learning life lessons, and everything that I know today. I’m grateful for all of my accomplishments. I’m grateful for all the opportunities that surround me. I’m grateful for life itself.

That’s it. These are the things that are most important to me. I wake up every single day and interact with these things simply by just stating that I’m grateful for them in my life. This ensures that I start the day off in a positive light. Otherwise, my mind will go batty.

I recommend you try this activity on your own time. I’ve recommended this activity in my motivational presentations for years. I can surely say that this single activity has helped literally thousands of individuals who just want a clearer perspective on their lives.

What are you grateful for?


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