Is Fate and Destiny really a thing?

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In hindsight, there are plenty of instances that I could’ve accounted fate/destiny in my life. I’m sure we’ve all had numerous experiences with instances/similarities that could’ve been labelled as fate or destiny.

Perhaps you met the perfect partner. You thought it was near impossible for it to fall into place, but there he/she is in front of you today. When you met this individual the two of you made an instant connection. And, as you look back at the situation you’ve labeled it as a fateful experience, or an “Act of God.”

Realistically, I think it really all comes down to your own perception and how you label it. You can have two different people experience the exact same situation, but both will come out of it telling different stories. Both will be mentally and emotionally connected equally, but in different ways.

It’s kind of a tricky thing how our minds play tricks on us. (Mind f***)

Each of us has our own individual perception of what is. Neither of us has a congruent value/belief system because we were all brought up differently. Our experiences were different. We learned different life lessons at different stages through different happenings. This shaped our minds (perceptions) differently.

Even though, the emotions within these experiences were similar, the physical realities were physically different, therefore, our perceptions were geared differently.

Our Beliefs and values are ever-changing. They form based on new knowledge that enters our psyche. Your perception of reality can differ so much within the different stages in your life; so much that you can literally be an entirely different person by seeing the environment around you with a completely different mindset. One day you see it this way, and the next day you see it that way.

Scientifically, the cells in your body regenerate every six years or so. This means your physical body becomes an entire new physical being every six years or so.

Getting back to my discussion on fate/destiny.

Yes, I do believe in fate and/or destiny because I’ve personally experienced it within my own life. But, again, it really all boils down to your own perception. You can look at fate/destiny in numerous ways. It really comes down to the way your define the term in your mind.

Words are funny. They’re like text messages. Often times they’re perceived differently from one person to another. Offending some while a delight to others.

Whether I believe in fate or destiny is irrelevant because your own inner judgement is the most important. Not mine.

I learned to accept certain things in life because it’s easier living knowing I’ve accepted it, rather than constantly questioning it to no avail. Whether you choose to accept or embrace that fate or destiny exists is your choice. In my choice.

The real question should be; rather than questioning it, why aren’t you out there trying to make the “perfect fate” happen in your life? (Without questioning it)”

Or, is fate/destiny all that important? In reality, won’t the same stuff happen if you hadn’t questioned it in the first place?

Lastly, was it the chicken or the egg? And, does it really matter all that much in the grand-scheme of things?

It’s really all about perception. When you’ve made a decision the rest will fall into place.

All that really matters is; are you enjoying the moment?


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