Is society going in the wrong direction?

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There are many ways one can prove that society is definitely going in the wrong direction. Taxes are once again on the rise while opportunities are at a standstill. The rate of unemployment is constantly hovering around an all time low. And, countries are going bankrupt by the dozen. These are just a few examples of the detriment society is in these days.

There are however many other positive characteristics in which would show that society is perhaps moving in the proper direction. For example, technology and production of consumer goods are at an all-time high. Plus, the rise of population among the elite countries has risen drastically. This is proof society is thriving. Or is it?

As you search all the characteristics that make up our society; both good and bad, including healthcare, politics, education, opportunity, population, add a variety of other characteristics you’ll be hard pressed to find the truth whether society is in fact going in the right direction, or if it’s surfacing on a fine level of detriment. But, as you compare it to other previous forms of Society/civilization, you’ll come to realize that we aren’t actually sitting in that bad of a spot. For example, although bullying is now a global issue, where literally everyone is affected by it, and you compare it to 50 years ago, 100 years ago, and even further, you’ll realize that it was actually quite worse back in the day. People had less respect for each other. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago when Countries were still be-heading their citizens for their wrongdoings. If you look a little bit further into the situation you’ll realize that we no longer enforce the death penalty, nor do we sacrifice our children or any other strange phenomenon. This is proof that today’s society is quite a bit more advanced than our predecessors.

Yes, there are plenty of ways we can rip apart society. It may seem like isn’t in favour of its citizens, or perhaps that it forces its people to make choice against their will without freedom. Yes, politics runs our education and governs our choices, heck it even runs our kids sports teams. But, in the overall perspective, I think that if you focus on more of the positive aspects and overlook the negative you’ll realize that society has actually grown quite a bit.

Yes, we definitely need to make advancements towards a better living environment for everyone however let’s appreciate all of the positive things people have done to better society rather than dwelling about the negative.

I truly believe that there is positive within every negative situation. This goes with any experience. In fact, all experiences harness both positive and negative. This goes for every experience. It all depends on the persons perception on each instance. You can have two friends go through the exact same experience and both of them will come out of it with different stories. One of the individuals could be very satisfied where the other might be dissatisfied. Again, it really all depends on perspective.

We are never going to get any happier by focusing on the negative. If you constantly focus on the bad it will only generate more of it. If however you focus on the positive aspects it will be enlightening and encouraging.

There are too many aspects in our lives that focus on the negative. In addition, we worry so much about everything. We worry about our children. We worry about ourselves. We worry about terrorism, and being fired from our job. Worry is present in our minds quite often. I think it’s time that we start focussing a little less on what society is doing wrong, and capitalize on all the positive aspects. You can do this simply by living in the moment and appreciating what is (and what you have). Other than that, society is just fine the way it is.

The only way you will change society is if you actually do something about it rather than complaining/worrying, or simply by draining out the negative by focusing on the positive.


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