Is there any chance for me to be happy?

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This is a very common question these days.

The numbers have surely risen in the amount of suicide attempts and those who committed suicide.

This was actually their very last thought as they pulled the trigger or jumped from the chair. It’s also the one question that defined their very reasoning.

Everywhere we look we are reminded of our unhappiness.

If you haven’t had the time to pick up the local newspaper you’ll notice hat it contains more than 80% of negative messaging. You can imagine the average individual who picks up the newspaper daily and religiously read its contents, he/she is subjected to a lot of hatred. You can only imagine where it goes from there.

Every motivational speaker out there will attest to remain positive and to maintain positive friendships, but what friendship is 100% positive? Everything we do, every activity we pursue, every hobby we have, and everything in between contains negative outlets of some form. There’s always a possibility we will get mixed into drugs/alcohol and any other vices through our influences. There’s also a good chance we will be caught up with the wrong types of people; people who aren’t in favor of our passions. Nobody is immune to this.

What’s much more pleasant is that each of our experiences are pent up with valuable lessons.

Aside from the lessons (because we are all sick of learning and just want to move forward towards happiness), the chance of any one individual succumbing to true lasting happiness is quite bleak. Unfortunately, the stats aren’t in favor of anyone’s individual happiness.

As much as I would like to tell you that there’s a good chance you can reach happiness upon hard work and inner will, I have learned to understand that quite the opposite is true.

Now, I don’t want you to get me wrong. Happiness is out there, but it isn’t attained as easily as “they” say.

I think a good portion of our happiness is lost at the very sense of us trying to find it. I don’t think anyone will truly find what they’re looking for they are always looking.

Happiness is only present in a mindset that isn’t consumed of too much thought. This means that the more you search the less you’ll actually find. So, more isn’t always ‘more’ in the overall spectrum. In this case, less is more.

To answer the question above – is there a chance for happiness in my life? My opinion is that neither of us will find it if we’re always in pursuit of it. Sometimes the stable mind is a happy mind. This is something that very few of us will actually pursue unfortunately.


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