Karma weighs in more than you know

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The most common statement across the board when it comes to having a fulfilling life is, “Do good for society, do good for other people.” This comment has been widely accredited by some of the most successful people in history, and for good reason.

It’s true, in order to be truly successful at whatever you’re pursuing you must to do good for society, otherwise your vision becomes too self-absorbed, and, in the end you flounder.

Although each of our paths in life seem individual – separate from other people’s lives, we are all actually on quite a similar path. Closer than you may think.

It’s the people we come across that assist our successes. We simply cannot create our idealistic vision of success alone without their help. It doesn’t matter what goal you are trying to accomplish, there are always materials, advice, and interactions with other people required to achieve it.

Think about all the things that make our lives easy and simple. Things like housing, transportation, the internet, clothing, computers and software, etc. Go even one step further and think of all the materialistic things that make your goals attainable. Things like paper to write your goals, printer ink to prepare your documents, even the pen that you write with. These are all things that were made by humanity. These things were acquired through ingenuity of society; through synergy. Without them, life for you would be more difficult. In fact, if you didn’t have them, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t be able to attain your goal. This is why it’s so important to understand that literally everyone on this face of the planet plays a role in your happiness. Especially the people that you’d least expect.

You must do good for society because society is what makes you succeed.

In life there’s a lot of give-and-take. You must give in order to receive. Although this may seem like an easy pill to swallow, it’s something the majority of society fails to comprehend most of the time.

Very few people these days take society (other people) in consideration within their successes. The believe they can accomplish whatever they set their hearts to alone without the assistance of other people. Or, they forget that others assisted them with their successes. This is an unhealthy way of thinking.

The more good you do for society the more happier you’ll become. More involved you become with other people the more you will accomplish.

We are graded upon every action we take in life. Although this grading system is obsolete in most minds because there isn’t a physical checklist telling us how we are doing, behind the scenes, our actions are graded, every one of them, and the grade we receive depicts our overall happiness.

Without even realizing it, you are graded on how you treat other people, how often you include other people, and how much you respect them. Often times – probably all the time, the main reason why you do not achieve your goals is simply because you’re excluding the rest of humanity in your life, or your goals aren’t in line with the rest of society. If you would’ve included them in the first place, and incorporate better initiatives for society, you would be further ahead in your own life. But, again, this isn’t the easiest pill to swallow. People can’t justify something they cannot see.

Think about it; literally everything we see, do or touch is man-made. From your automobile to your clothing, to the roads you drive on, the paper you write on, and everything in between; it’s all man-made. If it weren’t for other people collaborating together, none of this would have been achieved.

Overall, if we were to take this into account, and realize that life simply isn’t sustainable without the help of others, we would be better off civilization, but this isn’t always the case. Often times, we get frustrated with other people, or we refrain from including others because we want all the credit. This only in turn creates more frustration. And, as stated earlier, it results in deficiencies upon society.

If we work together surrounding positive initiatives we will prosper a lot more as a whole. Plus, our karmic value will increase, thus incorporating more happiness into our lives.

All about Karma:

The grading system is based on Karmic value. This means; the more you good do good for society the more in return you will receive. Think of it as a bank account. Every time you deposit money into your account this enables you to purchase more of what you want. In this case, the more good you do for society the more positive Karma you receive.

If you are operating at a low Karmic value then you’re destined for failure because the environment (God) will not be in your favour. On the other hand, if you’re consistently finding ways to improve society, and you are cooperatively working alongside (while respecting) other people, then your Karmic value will rise, ultimately providing you with new/more means to succeed.

Consider the actions you take in life the reason why you are where you are. Perhaps your level of thinking isn’t in line with your goals and aspirations. Remember, it was your mindset (your thoughts) that persuaded you to make those actions in the first place. The best way to get back on path – to where you want to be is to find a way to improve society, and (improve) your thoughts. This will surely get your Karmic value back up where it needs to be.

The universe is much like a computer. It runs on an algorithm that’s in line with your Karmic value. There’s no exceptions.

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