Life is simply meant to be unhappy

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I’ve been studying happiness for the past eight years. I’m not talking about studying my own inner psyche; trying to understand and define what’s important to me. No, I’m talking much more in depth than that.

Ever since I started my passion as a youth motivator, speaking to high school/junior high students across North America, I’ve had an interest in understanding why people are unhappy. Within my career, I have indulged in a variety of different practices that have help me encompass a true understanding of the subject.

In my 18 year career, as I’ve traveled from school the school, year after year, I often get the opportunity to speak to more than a handful of people within each audience. This enables the opportunity for me to question different theories from other perspectives about the situation. This in itself has led to many understandings.

In addition, I set myself on my own inner spiritual journey about eight years ago while I was going through a divorce. At that time, I shifted my entire mindset. Business was no longer my true inner focus like it had been for the previous decade and a half. In fact, my mindset shifted entirely opposite.

Although it was a long strenuous emotional and mental shift, through the years I gained a clear understanding of what happiness is and how it can be attained.

With the knowledge I have gained in speaking to others about the subject, combined with my own inner spiritual trek in finding my own inner happiness, I’ve come to a conclusion that Life is simply made for us to be unhappy.

The algorithm of life sends each of us through the same amount of pain and suffering. Regardless of who you are, where you were from, what your story is, let’s face it, we all go through the same amount of emotional pain and inner suffering.

This is something that’s extremely difficult to explain because sometimes our problems seem so trivial compared to others say in Third World countries. You don’t have to delve very deep into your own inner understanding to realize that your problems are minuscule in comparison to others, but sometimes your problems are just as heartbreaking and detrimental. Sometimes a huge problem arises where it feels nearly impossible to find a solution, but just like any other issue, eventually it goes away.

There is an algorithm that has been intertwined into our daily lives. This means that we all experience the same amount of detriment, pain and suffering. On the other side; we all are given the same amount of opportunity to achieve optimal happiness. Yet, because we are always experiencing so much continuous pain and suffering in our years, we fail to see the opportunities that’ll truly unleash our happiness.

The truth is; we all suffer in the same way. We all have the same inner emotions. We all harness the same characteristics.

When a child loses his bike it’s just as bad of a feeling as when you lose your significant other. There’s no difference in between when it comes to emotions.

What I’m trying to get at is that life itself is meant to be a roller coaster. It’s not meant to be complacent. It’s meant to be entertaining and somewhat fictional. The creators of this so called algorithm was generated to put a fork in your plans every now and then. It was to entertain whoever is viewing your every day interactions. Heck, maybe it’s to entertain you when you take a look back at the footage and witness the decisions you made, at “Heaven’s Gate’s.”

Ok. I don’t want to serve the intention that religion is the answer. No, it may very well be the opposite.

Life isn’t made to put a smile on your face. It’s meant for you to experience it. That’s it. Every experience can be looked at as either positive or negative, not just one. Perhaps you need to look at what type of suffering and pain you’re willing to endure compared to what you think will make you happy.

Each of our minds are set to the same homepage when it comes to finding happiness. We all want the same things. Maybe you need to look on the opposite side of the equation and define what type of pain and suffering you are prepared to spearhead. This way you can look forward to your weaknesses and inner deficiencies.


Additional reading:
1. Whether you believe in spirituality, religion, or if it even enters your mind as a figment within your imagination, you will have to gain the understanding that there is a lot more to life than what’s been explained in your school textbooks.There is some type of higher authority out there; whether it’s a game developer, a Saint or anything/anyone in between. The universe surely wasn’t created from a Big bang.

2. There’s really no point in trying to come to a conclusion of How life exists. The answer is hidden behind so many optical illusions and fake realities it’s crazy. Rather than driving yourself nuts in finding our How, I suggest you find the reasons Why you deserve happiness. This should inspire some good positive change.


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