Living in the moment

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What I’ve learned from fatherhood is that time with family is precious. It wasn’t until after my second daughter was born until I saw how quickly my first daughter had grown. Luckily I made a pact with myself before I had children – to live in the moment when spending time with them. This is something I believe everyone should live by.

Unfortunately, children are neglected more today than ever before. The days where the Mother stayed at home raising the children while the Father made the living are over. Nowadays, Mothers are fighting to keep their families together. They themselves are working two part time jobs to fill the gap their husbands tiny pay cheques doesn’t cover. Our fast-paced environment has driven us to want more stuff which makes matters even worse. I won’t even get into the fact that materialism has taken over our values. Our perspective of reality has changed in the midst of all this.

After going through my divorce I realized that time at the office is overrated and there’s no happiness without family time. Family time can be quality time spent with friends as well. Spending quality time with anyone that makes you happy is worthwhile. Nature has taught us there’s no fruit without it.

During my first marriage I failed to realize that too much of my focus was spent at the office, and not enough was spent with my wife. In fact, that was the driving force behind our breakup. The second go-around in marriage reminded me how important family time is. Thus, making a pact with myself to live in the moment every time family is present. This tactic alone has brought my happiness level up tenfold.


Exercise: How often do you live in the moment?

Living in the moment allows you to feel content with the life you’re living. It enables you to see the pleasures of life that are normally overlooked. We’ve all heard the statement “Live in the moment,” but who actually tries it? How often do you live in the moment?

This exercise is a great way for you to see the value in the things around you that are often overlooked. You don’t necessarily need to journal your thoughts unless you would like to.

In a quiet comfortable place I want you to prepare yourself for meditation. This means breathing exercises need to be implemented first. As your breaths become long, and your mind and body are at a relaxed state I want you to fully live in the moment. Feel the moment; be a part of it, and appreciate it. You do not have to close your eyes for this exercise, but you can do so if you would like. With all your senses try to be in the moment as much as possible. That means to smell, taste and see the environment around you. I want you to particularly take notice of the things you wouldn’t normally focus on. Things like the flowers in the garden, the warm air blowing your hair, the perfection of the bugs crawling around the pavement, or anything that your senses are attracted to.

If you’re writing your experience down on paper be sure not to spend too much time on writing. I prefer you spend more time on the actual visualization part of the exercise itself.

As you’re examining the environment around you breathe in the smells of whatever is around you. Hear the sounds that around you. Feel the texture of your fingertips. Try to absorb as much as you can. Appreciate the moment in any manner possible, and be grateful for the experience of life itself. There’s no better way to experience happiness than actually living in the moment. Repeat this exercise as much as you can. Life spent in the moment is better than any other.


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