Materialism and our addiction to it

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Materialism. What do you think of the word when you read it? There can be so many things that express it. In fact, its everywhere. You see it on the roadways, on the shelves of your favorite stores, in the magazines you read and on the websites you search. Even where you buy your groceries you’ll find it. And, yes, I agree, it all serves satisfaction in some way, at least to some degree. However, when the feelings dissipate; when they no longer serve the same level of satisfaction they once had they are no longer appreciated. By this time, when we remember how much satisfaction materialism had given to us, six months ago, we realize they’re severely outdated and slow, giving us no chance of enjoying them again, so we go back to our favorite store and buy the latest model. If this doesn’t happen, you’ll find the need to shop at other stores desperately seeking something that will bring back the satisfaction you once had. Does this sound familiar?

Materialism. Its a word that describes “slave of the environment.” Think about it. We work our asses off to have bigger homes, larger than our friends and neighbors. We starve ourselves from happiness, staying long hours at work just to purchase more goods, more materialism. In fact, we’ve even started competitions between our own siblings at times. I’m sure if you have a brother or sister you can relate. Its something that has been engrained into our minds ever since seeing our first advertisement on TV. Money; the monetary system has been the main contributor. In fact, our attachments to money and the role it plays within our lives is a direct reflection of how much we succumb to materialism. Unless otherwise taught by your early influences, you’ll join the rest and make it a game of monopoly, constantly trying to fulfill more than you need. In the end, you realize that it’s actually quite a lonely place. If this sounds familiar, the good news is; you can curve your beliefs against what you’ve already learned in the past. You can eliminate the necessity of materialism and use it as leverage to free yourself from being a slave of it.

Money is an obsession that far too many people strive for with the wrong intentions. Here’s my observation. Millions of human-like ants run their race for fifty plus years, playing a game; a competition with others, in pursuit to greater assets, larger buildings and more luxuries. Its like a game of monopoly.  As I perceive life through the eyes of an opponent in the game, I realize that it’s all about the person with most wealth. In this game there are absolutely no emotions, children, marriages or vacations in the realm, which makes it a very lonely place. Taking this all into account, it’s easy to see that nobody truly wants to live in that type of environment. Although money is important to generate an abundant lifestyle, the only thing that happens is greed.

How valuable is money to you? How far will you go to grasp onto it? How much time away from your family is acceptable for you to earn it? These are all great questions to ask yourself while you’re on your pursuit to happiness. Happiness is developed through the elimination of materialistic wants. As we get caught in the illusion of money; its value and what it does for us, we lose focus of the important things; like relationships and raising our children. We forget the joys that come from seeing a smile on our children’s faces, or we forget to realize that happiness resides in time spent with our loved ones. It’s the simple things that create the true wealth in our lives.

Money doesn’t offer lasting happiness. I can guarantee you this. No millionaire has ever said that money is the root of their happiness. If they did say this they’ve forgotten about the pleasures one receives when their children are born, or when their son or daughter accomplishes something of value, perhaps when their best friend asks them to be the best man or maid of honor at their wedding. These are all great and simple pleasures that far exceed what money can offer. Although money is important to live an enjoyable lifestyle, we all have the needs for friendships and time spent with our families. Unfortunately, this is something that a typical game of monopoly cannot offer.

It’s time to wake up, literally smell the roses and take a walk, a distant walk away from your mindset built on consumerism and replace it with a simpler way of thinking; one that will give you more time with your friends and family; one that will satisfy your every need. It’s time to tune your perspective of what truly makes you happy because materialism not only robs you of your happiness, it pushes you off your life plan and makes you feel broken without it. You’re perfectly fine just the way you are.

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