Media is detrimental to your psyche

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If you ask a handful of people what ideal happiness is you’ll receive a handful of the exact same yet slightly different responses. The overall idea will be the same but the words described will surely be different. The reason behind this; we all follow the same media outlets.

Media has been the largest influence by far when it comes to shaping our values. It constantly makes us want more (of everything). We have literally been brainwashed to want more in life every day. Less is inadequate. This way of thinking has led us to being truly unhappy people.

Regardless if the message is online, offline, on television, read in a magazine or heard on the radio, it’s trying to persuade you. If anyone/anything is trying to persuade you to do/try something new, and it pushes your comfort, be sure you alert someone of authority. Sometimes that authority is your own psyche.

Even a simple television ad can uncomfortably persuade us in an unhealthy direction. Be aware of this.

It’s been proven that well over 80 percent of the media coverage broadcasted is negative in nature. It hosts unfavorable practices and permits negative influence. That being said, you/we all should be focused less on the news feeds in our favorite social media platform and direct our attention on the more important aspects; family, friendships. achievement and everything else that’ll bring a smile to our face.


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