Miss-judgement (rant)

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We are trained from the very beginning to be better, look better, make more and accomplish more. When we see others doing better, making more, or generally happier people, instantly, we try to configure negative realities (in our mind) of this individual. We try to place blame on them for something, anything. It could be the simplest thing, like having small earlobes.

This is very common in siblings. It’s often referred to as “sibling rivalry,” where one sibling; usually the one who’s always been looked at as the “achiever;” the one who always commits and never gives in, sees his younger/older brother/sister doing better in some way. This triggers feelings of inadequacy. It emits a failure type attitude towards themselves, and it encourages them to harness the fight-or-flight attitude. They have nothing more to do at this stage but to find faults in their opponent (sibling).

The same goes with our friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, pretty much everyone we come across. Society has taught us to become competitive.

All the time, every day, each of us consider judging another person. This consideration is a part of our everyday activities and has been bred to become habitual. It generally leads to an indirect mental inner rant, speaking euphorically about someone’s mishaps and blemishes. If for some reason we cannot find something to gawk at, like their left earlobe that sits lower, wondering if anyone else knows about their deficiency, or wondering if they’ve battled being ridiculed throughout their entire life because of it, from their classmates in elementary school. Also wondering if it (the ridiculing) led all the way into college and late in life. Anyway..

If any of us were to look back into our judgments of others we would find the exact same thing; it’s all petty stuff that doesn’t matter in the overall scheme of life and individual happiness. So, why have the initial thought about it? Why not just let it pass without observing it?

It’s true; neither of the judgements we place on others actually amount to anything important in the overall reality of what’s important.

Did I just mind-f*** you with that statement?

We might as well not place the judgements in the first place because they’re just wasting our time (having the thought about it in the first place).

(Another mind-f***able comment)

I too judge other people and have judged other people my entire life. It was bred into my psyche as well as every other living human being on this planet. Even though this subject has highly been regarded in my motivational talks to troubled youth for nearly two decades, my own personal mindset still delves into it from time to time. Nobody is immune.

These days, I am aware of my judgments that I place on others, and I refrain from letting my judgements concave my perception against them.

I’ve learned enough about respecting others through family values and through my own influences that it’s not important in the overall scheme of life.

People are people are people. End of story.


??OMG, it’s a DOUBLE F***ing RAINBOW!!


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