Morning ritual

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I’ve questioned literally everything about life for the past eight years. I wrote my first book (of 14) back in my early thirties when I was going through a divorce. I wrote about my experience in dealing with the situation meanwhile learning to understand what had been holding me back in life.

What I learned through this phase was that life is the same for everyone. We all experience the same emotions, and we all go through the same type of experiences. We just experience in different physical form. It’s also evident that each of us are struggling to find happiness regardless of who we are.

There are a plethora of various characteristics that we all share in this game of life, but the most intriguing fact is that each of us are searching for the exact same thing; happiness.

Television ads, radio talk shows, billboards on our way to work, literally everywhere we look, we are subject to advertisements that depict happiness being served on a silver platter. Its seen through the eyes of embellishment, or witnessed in the transactions on our favorite credit cards. As the points on our MasterCard compound, our happiness is actually dwindling. Unfortunately, these advertisements that promise us so much joy and satisfaction upon their purchase, there really only handing us fools gold and disappointment. It’s all just the magical fairy tale.

It’s true; each of us are searching for happiness. Even though we all live physical differences, our days really equate to the exact same in the very end. The most important truth is; each of us has the exact same ability to be happy. Regardless of how we were brought up, who our parents are, whether we were born in poverty or wealth, or anything in between, each of us has exact same power to achieve optimal happiness today.

it’s up to you individually to take the step in the right direction.

I’ve questioned literally every type of individual on the planet about what happiness means. In my 18 year career as a motivator, I’ve traveled all across North America speaking to troubled youth about life, and in the midst of it I questioned literally everyone I could about what happiness meant to them. Literally every single one of them equated happiness to the exact same thing; materialism and money. Some of them suggested friendship and family. But, for the most part, the average individual stated that happiness was found through materialistic form. But, for the sake of our initial conversation (morning ritual) I’ll stick to the topic.

In the realm of my discussions, it was clear to me that the majority of us lose motivation right as soon as we get out of bed. Instantly, as soon as we open our eyes, we dread getting out of bed in the morning because we aren’t doing anything special. We have nothing special planned. We have no ambition anymore, and we’ve lost our imagination towards the possibilities because our lives are bland and boring. For most of us, we get out of bed to go to a job that we hate. We interact with coworkers who are disrespectful, and we don’t get paid nearly what we are worth. It’s difficult to inspire ourselves after hitting the snooze bar handful at times. It’s also difficult to comprehend what happiness means anymore.

All too often, we live our lives without appreciation. We live our days in an emotional shell, and we fear stepping outside of that shell because we’ve been harmed before. Some more than others. I’ve found that the average individual displaces his/her happiness with things that aren’t even a part of their lives anymore. They dwell on the past so much that it eats away at their soul. This worsens their chances of optimal happiness, and they become lost in this game of life, all because they couldn’t face reality.

Is true; life is a difficult game to play. Neither of us are a pro at it, and every single one of us has something to work at. Regardless of who you are, how much money you make, how much knowledge you have in your brain, or how talented you are, each of us are searching for more and more happiness. It isn’t until you stop the search for happiness altogether and just live life, that’s when you’ll value your life the most.

In the realm of my research in finding happiness, and within my motivational talks, I’ve explored so many different avenues that relate to happiness. I have vastly explored the avenues of self-help to compensate for this truth. My talks are not only geared to preach kindness and encouragement, they are geared to inspire change; to encourage my audience to create that change for themselves.

In order to be a happy individual, I believe, it’s pertinent to start your day off on the right foot. You need to meditate and state what you you’re grateful for, otherwise you’re gambling on your emotions, hoping you’ll wake up in the right mood. There’s no better way to encourage positivity than stating what you are grateful for (aloud to yourself). This has become my morning ritual.

Every day I awake state I state this to myself (usually in the shower or on my way to work):

I am grateful for my happiness and health. I’m grateful for my daughters; Sophia and Olivia. I’m grateful for my wife, Melanie. I’m grateful for my mom and my dad and brothers and sisters. I’m grateful for all that I have experienced; the people I’ve met and all my learning life lessons, and everything that I know today. I’m grateful for all of my accomplishments. I’m grateful for all the opportunities that surround me. I’m grateful for life itself.

This is my morning ritual. It’s simple and something anyone can do with ease. I hope this has inspired you to incorporate the same type of activity into your morning routine. I guarantee you this single activity will encourage positive flow each day you open your eyes in the morning.

Happy meditation!


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