One way to ‘always’ screw things up – include Politics

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There is one very distinguishable way to always screw things up – include politics.

Unfortunately, politics are a part of literally every aspect in life. Politics infiltrate society in so many ways, including our workplace and our professional lives, our personal lives and literally every activity we are involved in. It’s included in the sports we play, even the activities our kids are involved with. Literally every aspect in our lives is plagued by politics.

From plenty of discussions over the years, I have learned that politics equals problems. Regardless of the situation, if politics are somewhat involved there’s going to be an equal amount of discomfort in comparison to pleasure.

He term ‘Politics’ is just a simple form to explain that others are jealous of what you have. If you are a good sports team there are high-quality politicians trying to endorse you, or trying to find different ways to get involved/get in the way with your accomplishment. It’s the exact same with academics; when a star pupil is noticed, others are pleading to get involved so they can capitalize on the opportunity.

Regardless of the political leader of any country/region, you will find as many people who hate/despise the individual compared to those who support him. It’s rather unfortunate to see all the negatives that come along with political leaders; they’re only in it for themselves.

Unfortunately, the majority of politicians become politicians in the first place because they feel a lack in their lives, and they feel their efforts to make life better. The problem is; most of them are extremely self-absorbed. Their lack of compassion for public interest is focused more so on themselves. This makes for a one-sided agreement; something everyone is all too familiar with.

No country, organization or individual is going to get any better if politics are involved. Unfortunately, politics just makes the world and unfortunate place to live. But, I guess some form of leadership is important. Maybe there’s no way around it…

I would surely like to hear your comments on this one. Let the confrontation begin.


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