Our cellular telephones have created an alternate reality for us

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Cell phone ownership among adults has now exceeded 90%. That means that nine out of 10 people have a mobile device attached to their hip. OK, Maybe they don’t attach them to their hip anymore. That fad was out before it started. But, they surely are packing their pockets, wallets, hand bags, anywhere they can place their mobile telephone. And, this is only creating a more frustrating environment for us all.

Yes, cellular telephones are packed with incredible technology that helps make life easier, but the majority of the applications we utilize on a daily basis are also packed with advertisements. These advertisements not only persuade us to spend money, they eat away at our confidence, and they waste our time.

Your Mobile device is tearing you apart as quickly as it’s assisting you. The problem is; you aren’t even aware of this.

The applications and games on our cellular telephones are intriguing. I get it. Even I get hooked on the odd game from time to time, but as an advocate of peace-of-mind, clarity and happiness, I have found that these simple handheld devices are gaining the exact opposite traction of what’s needed to attain these very important fundamentals.

I personally had to delete all social media applications from my mobile device so that I could gain some peace-of-mind. I, just like the other 300 million North American cell phone users, would reach for my phone nearly 100 times daily trying to get an update on my friends, or simply looking for entertainment. Then I realized my scrolling was only eating away my quality time. It was eating away at my soul.

After the seventh time my toddler said, “put down your phone daddy. Come and play!” That’s when I realized I had a problem. In fact, every time my daughter mentions the term “phone” its like a shock to my system. After that experience I continuously noticed the general public having the same issues; their kids vying for their attention, but they were glued to their mobile devices. Civilization is quickly going down an unfortunate path.

Society has literally made it imperative that we own a cell phone these days. Most of our activities occur on these very handheld devices. For example, our schedules, our alarm clock, the date and time, our bank records, the conversations we have with literally everyone, our daily reminders, the grocery list, all of our children’s photos, and everything in between, is all on our cell phones. Society has made it quite difficult to move forward without one.

Yes, our cellular telephones bring us convenience.They allow us to connect quickly with other people. They send us constant reminders, and they give us peace-of-mind as we travel on secluded highways, but they also bring us quite a bit of trouble too.

Unfortunately, our mobile devices also garner a lot of responsibility. Nowadays, people expect you to answer your phone immediately. They know it’s sitting inside your pocket vibrating, and they expect an instant response. The days when you could say to people, “I’ll call you when it’s convenient” are no longer accepted.

In addition, they have brought the level of communication to such low standards. Nobody actually talks on their cell phone anymore. They send quick text messages and tweets. People would rather be emailed than sit across from someone in a physical face-to-face discussion. Although this may seem like it’s allowing society to be a lot more fast-paced and efficient, it’s actually doing quite the opposite.

We get bombarded by ridiculous advertisements that persuade our attention in negative form. We scroll our news feeds hoping for excitement, but we only get let down by other people‘s posts. Not only that, our expectations have gone through the roof. We want more because we are put in front of a lot more (advertisements). And, this has only eaten away at our conscious. And, I haven’t even brought up the discussion of online bullying and how it has been a detriment upon society since infiltrating our mobile devices.

If your mobile device hasn’t already driven you nuts from the amount of notifications you receive on a daily basis then consider yourself unlucky. The truth is; most of us will never seek to determine how detrimental our cell phones are because the gadgets are just too appealing. It’s very difficult to see past the flashy screens, the impressive technology and the endless news at our fingertips. We have a difficult time grasping onto the concept that they, our cell phones, are weakening us with every swipe of our index finger.

What’s even more intriguing about this discussion is that our mobile devices are implanting an alternate reality in our heads without us even knowing it. They are showing us differentiating news streams – the streams they want us to see and believe. We are getting different facts based on the types of media they suggest. In addition, we scroll for endless hours which only generates more expectations and more dissatisfaction. And, all of this is intertwined into our daily lives like a routine. A routine that slowly going in a downward negative spiral.

We need a revolutionary movement that’ll help us extract the negative tendencies of the constant scrolling. Much like how the #Metoo movement extracted the sexual harassment plague in the entertainment industry, we needed to extract the amount of time we pursue our handheld devices. We need to revolutionize the way we interact on a daily basis with other people. We need to change the way we spend our time. Rather than scrolling our favorite social media platforms we need to focus on quality time spent with our loved ones, and actually getting some business done.

It’s sad to see that the majority of society would rather scroll their news feed or play their favorite game today than achieve their dreams. So much of their precious time is wasted on their handheld devices.

Our phones are running and ruining our lives. I think it’s time that we revolutionize reality altogether.


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