Overthinking and its role in our lives

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I’ve tried countless amount of times to slow my thoughts down. Regardless of the practice; whether it was meditation, yoga, a combination of both, or just my own plain realm of thinking, I always found it extremely difficult to stop overthinking.

Society is so fast-paced these days that it’s tough to get an edge on our feelings and our initiatives in our lives because of it.

Society has basically forced us to multitask. There is literally not enough time in the day to get everything we need done and accomplished. That’s where overthinking comes in.

Our brains start processing rapid thoughts through our minds the very moment we are awake in the morning. And, it doesn’t slow down through the day, through the evening, or even when we are sleeping. Our minds are so used to overthinking every single possible outcome of reality that it literally drives us nuts.

It’s so difficult to slow our minds down these days because our brains are so used to functioning at such a rapid pace. Even trivial issues processed in our minds force us to overthink.

You are lowering your immune system when you overthink. Think about it; every thought that processes through your mind, regardless if it’s positive or negative, it is stressing it in someway. When you flood it with an abundance of thought it only stresses your mind even more.

The root of all sicknesses is stress.

Yes, overthinking is the bodies safety mechanism. Our minds try to resolve issues as they come, and often times we are forced to overthink until an issue is resolved fully. But, unimportant and trivial concern need not be included in the realm because it only makes us unhappy. It only confuses our minds further and frustrates us even more.

Our minds are always running. They are always working. There’s barely ever any down-time. In fact, even when we are sleeping, relaxing and resting, our minds are still developing thoughts at a semi-rapid pace. This has caused an overload; a hard drive malfunction in our minds. I think it’s time that we start the fragmentation process ASAP.

Mental health has been a primary focus in the media especially the past decade. And, it’s not surprising that overthinking is directly linked to this disease. In fact, if you take just one difference in comparison to 20 years ago; the Internet, you’ll see another direct link to this very issue.

Think about it; how often do you see people texting or scrolling their favorite news feed while in direct discussion with someone else? It happens all the time and it’s everywhere. In fact, our cell phones have recently been linked to a number of mental deficiencies which is an entirely different discussion on its own.

It’s fortunate to see that society has increased its technological abilities. What’s not so fortunate is that some of its inventions have actually gone against our morals. They have gone against humanity’s values that once were important. They have flooded mental hospitals, and they’ve driven us to increase our negative habits tenfold.

Cell phones alone have flooded our minds with more than enough information than we can possibly comprehend. For most people, they would feel naked without them. They are perhaps the very root of the deficiencies.

This is just the beginning when it comes to our overthinking. The devices we carry in our pockets and the computers on our desks are just the physical components to the equation. Let’s not forget how our jobs have become more demanding. Companies are feeling the tight economical squeeze, and after many layoffs, they feel we can comprehend the tasks of two or three individuals. This only adds to the stress in our lives.

Overthinking is underrated. It definitely needs to be addressed in order for us to be truly happy. Unfortunately, the rate of our overthinking is increasing drastically. And, very little is being done about it. In fact, very few of us actually no problem exists.

It won’t take you very long to realize you have over reactive mindset as well. You really only have to look into your daily activities to realize that you yourself overthink just like the rest of us.


Think of the last two or three concerns you had. They don’t have to be outrageous concerns, just something you dealt with recently that made you overthink.

Think of the issue(s) with as much detail as possible. Remember the emotions you went through as you tried to find a solution to it/them. If the issue was mentally demanding try to figure out where/why was demanding.
If there were any comments that were involved in the situation that made you overthink even more, try to remember these comments and acknowledge the way you felt.

How long did it take you to resolve the issue(s)?

How did it feel when you finally resolved it and you were able to move on with a free mind?

Now, the more important question; how much overthinking did you do in order to pursue the correct resolution?

Now, go even further into the exercise and think of how much that overthinking affected your lifestyle. Think of how consumed your mind was (literally all your waking hours) trying to come to a conclusion. Think of how much effort you put into this.

You may come to a realization, like most, that your sole focus was situated on this very issue, and everything else was literally a figment of your imagination during your pursuit to a resolution. Literally everything else in your life is put on hold because you were so focused on the very issue.

Often times, we see ourselves less focused on our children and other important responsibilities due to this very issue. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Hopefully through this exercise you will see how harmful overthinking can actually be in your life if you allow it to persist in your life.

You can see how much overthinking affects our lives. It’s important to get a handle on your overthinking, at least in understanding that it’s present, so you can live with less stress.

Stress is once again the root of all unhappiness. So, I recommend choosing the thing is you stress/overthink about.


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