Peace and respect on this Planet

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Why are people so concerned about the political jargon focusing on Donald Trump and his disrespectful motives?

Just about every news outlet has been spotlighting the disrespectful posts/comments and actions Mr Trump has portrayed in his Twitter posts. He’s left out certain cultures within his discussions, and he’s playing on thin ice with other political leaders. Is it all on purpose like the media portrays? Does Mr. Trump actually want to see the world collapse?

My own opinions have surfaced in my mind as I’m constantly bombarded by judgements ridiculing Mr. Trump’s words.

I agree, there could’ve been a better candidate picked for the presidential election, but that isn’t the case, and there’s really no point in fighting it or trying to change it because nothing will ever amount of it.

Let’s face it, Mr. Trump is more powerful as any other individual trying to bury him. He has more powerful capabilities, and more say than any other individual on this Planet.

How is what you say, or what they see in the media going to be powerful enough to impeach him? There’s nothing they can do at this stage. Nothing. They might as well just let it be and live life.

It’s a sad fact that Donald has encouraged war with other countries. He has been featured as a dictator much like Hitler, Stalin and the like. Back in the day, this type of action would’ve been looked at as moving in the right direction, but as I scroll my news feed daily, I can only justify that people are severely unhappy.

It’s in fortunate to see that people are so unhappy these days based on one simple fact – that they hate their President. The problem is; these people were never really that happy in the first place. I’ve traveled to the American states and I’ve seen only one reality – America is one sad place these days.

The truth is, it isn’t Donald Trump’s fault that the world isn’t peaceful. Yes, he may make ridiculous choices, and these choices are shown in his Twitter feed, but overall, it isn’t his responsibility to make the world a better place. It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s your fault!

Just like any other aspect in life; drugs, alcohol, abusive relationships, anger, hatred, and like, they are all destructive in nature. It’s up to each individual human being to decide whether he/she will comply to these very vices. It’s not the Prime Minister‘s fault, or the Presidents fault, or any specific individual other than the individual thinker.

Yes, the Prime Minister and the President can heavily persuade it’s people to base their opinions of sheer judgment, but in the overall perspective, it’s your own individual conscious effort that it takes to unleash these powers.

Stop blaming political leaders for the distraction of human kind and start focusing on the person reading this post. I know YOU specifically might not be at fault as to why the entire world isn’t peaceful but you do play a serious role in the overall spectrum. Each of us does.

it’s your own individual choice as to what to listen to, what to read, what to write and how to bring anything you comprehend into fruition. it’s not anybody’s responsibility to make this happen for you. This means that it’s your own individual life and you can play it out as you like. You don’t have to listen to the negative jargon in the media, the political back fires on the president, or any other negative discussion. You can leave it out of the realm altogether and focus on thoughts that will inspire positive change.

Only you are capable of creating the change that you wish to pursue in your life. Nobody has the same interests as you. Ultimately, nobody cares about your life or your happiness as much as you do either.

Each of us have our own brains that are capable of finding happiness, yet we fail to look inside it because we are so focused on what everybody else thinks. Stop being so concerned about what everybody else has/does/wants and focus on what you want/need and believe in.

You will soon see that although each of us are living physical differences, we all actually want exact same thing – respect and peace on this planet, and happiness.

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