Plagiarizing their lives

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Everyone is trying to be someone else.

Each of us are geared towards our closest influences. Our influences shape our destiny. They persuade us to believe certain things which ultimately shapes who we are.

Our closest influences, from the very beginning, learned how/who to model their life around through their closest influences. They used their wisdom of societal trends to enforce their initiatives. And, they themselves were heavily influenced from various media outlets and other forms of influence.

Throughout our lives we are placed in front of various types of influential people. These people helped make our lives happier and easier, but, often times, their interactions with us tainted our perspective of what’s important and acted more as a barrier toward our ideal happiness.

It’s unfortunate but most of our influences interfere with our pursuit to happiness. This may be a tough pill to swallow at first but soon you’ll realize that even your closest friends taint your perspective of what important.

What’s even more intriguing is that many of our influences are detrimental to our psyche. They contain narcissistic behavior and don’t really care about our personal well being. But for the sake of sticking to the point I’ll continue with the point.

Our influences have a powerful force against our initiatives; in both a good and bad way. They often encourage us and persuade us. This is strictly based on their own initiatives. Whether positive or negative however isn’t the question, the true question lies in Why they’re in your friendship circle.

We are all searching for the same things in life. Plus, we all define happiness in pretty much the same form because we’re all plagiarizing the same type of person/lifestyle.

What does this mean?

It means we no longer need to look outward into other peoples lives to seek happiness. We all want the same things. They want no different than you do.

We need to look inward, inside our own hearts to find the key. Doing so will enable us to be unique.

Stop trying to be somebody else by following your own influence.


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