Plagiarizing their mind

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As we look at humans as a whole, there’s really nothing different about us. Yes, we look different, act slightly differently, but for the most part, we’ve plagiarized the minds of everyone we’ve come across.

Yes, everyone does have distinct flavor. Our accents differ, we live in different places, we were raised differently. Ultimately, our belief system is slightly tweaked compared to the person next to us. But, in the overall spectrum, neither of us are really that different.

Look at our political beliefs, and our beliefs about happiness. They are the exact same. We are all biased towards our own happiness, and we feel that everyone else isn’t doing their part. Our values in the modern day, our habits and everything in between you’ll find that each of us caters to the same type of mindset.

We all are looking for the exact same things; happiness, and neither of us wishes to suffer. These are the two commonalities that we share. They’re also the underlining factor behind all of our motives.

As you look a little bit more in depth, you’ll see that each of us has habits that we succumb to, we rely on the same practices to motivate us, and we get annoyed by the same types of things. Each of us has our own idiosyncrasies, but again, in the overall spectrum, neither of us are all that different.

Take a look at habits for example. They equate to nearly 50 percent of our daily activities. Think about it; as you wake up each day, you pretty much do the exact same routine day after day after day. This routine feels like the film Groundhog Day. It’s a never-ending repeat of what has already happened. For the most part, our days aren’t all that different.

Comparing to our influences
We smoke a similar brand of cigarettes, we drink the same type of alcohol, we watch the same type of sports and cheer for the same types of sports teams. We indulge in the same types of food and interact with same types of people. We have the same types of conversations, and we live the same types of lives. We look for the same type of achievement, and we succumb to similar materialistic things. The platform of our lives is the opposite of unique.

Yes, our talents and the way we perceive reality are often quite different from the rest, but in the inner workings of our brains we are all the same.

Maybe this is the reason why we’ve become so bored. Maybe this is the underlining factor behind our unhappiness. Maybe we need to step outside of the box. Rather than plagiarizing everyone else’s mind maybe we need to find something individual to ourselves and to stop thinking on the same playing field as everyone else.

This I feel would bring a lot more happiness to each of us. But, that really all comes down to who is willing to make the change.


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