Religion vs Spirituality

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Religion is a difficult subject to discuss, primarily because everyone has a different perspective on the subject. I understand that religion is a huge component in many lives; whereas, some are spiritual. Others have no religion whatsoever. The truth is; our beliefs are the key to unleashing happiness in our lives. Religion and spirituality can help you form positive beliefs so you can reach true happiness.

For years I dismissed religious thoughts and conversations from my conscious altogether. I wanted nothing to do with it. Every time I would listen in on a religious conversation between others I turned a blind eye because it always seemed to end with someone getting upset, even to the point of losing friendships. As I grew older, I saw war on the television, and I heard of a lot of religious racism on radio programs. It all seemed to blossom from religion and their differentiating beliefs. I never understood how one belief could cause so many ruckuses over an entire Nation. I’m not saying that religion is bad. I’m simply saying that there has been a lot of turmoil in the past, and a lot of it has stemmed from religion. There are however many great principles that religious studies share. These components can help you achieve happiness, success and many other great opportunities if you use them properly.

As I look back at my life and the experiences within it, I realize that a huge portion of it was lived without a conscious spiritual plan or specific beliefs. As I roam the experiences of my past, the question that serves my mind is this; is religion and spirituality really that important in one’s life? I pondered my thoughts for a moment. Here is my response:

I believe religion and spirituality can be very important to a person’s lifestyle, especially if they take it seriously (but not too seriously). It isn’t for everyone; however, for those that find it, if used properly, they can excel in life further than those that don’t. Spirituality can bring empowerment to those that listen to its life messages. Even though there’s hundreds of different religions out there there’s definitely one that will fit your lifestyle. It can help you find meaning in your life and strengthen your belief system. Remember, your beliefs shape your values. Your values keep you in line with  making positive lifestyle choices.

For many years I didn’t follow any specific religion. I still don’t. I’m strictly spiritual … for now; until I find something that empowers me more than today. Heck, I might even wake up one Saturday morning and change my beliefs altogether after opening the door to a door to door salesman who sold me his religion. My beliefs come from inspiration all over the place, and from every walk of life. I learn little life messages from almost everyone that I meet. In fact, I make a point to absorb as much information from each person that empowers me. In your own trek to finding meaning in your life I suggest researching a variety of religious and spiritual outlets. Each one has different views upon society. For some, spirituality is essential to creating optimal happiness.

You make the choice … It’s your life!

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