Stop smoking cigarettes!

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I’ve never posted or written an article about smoking cigarettes, but I have recently had quite a bit of thought about the subject. I felt I should write about it because there are far too many people at this day and age still smoking like a chimney, and there are some things that need to be addressed.

The Truth about smoking cigarettes.
There’s nothing good that comes out of smoking a cigarette. It’s toxic in every single way. There are numerous cancer creating chemicals that burn in your lungs as you inhale. I’m not going to get into all the nasty chemicals involved in the activity because I’m sure you’ve already heard this 1 million times, but I will mention some of the more physical side effects that even I too have experienced from the disgusting habit.

You get dry mouth, stinky breath, and nobody really wants to be around you – other than other fellow smokers. It’s dangerous to not only your own health but your children’s health as well, and the people in your household most likely have already developed some form of secondhand carcinogenic health issue like asthma just by being around you.

The part that always disgusted me the most about smoking cigarettes was that it was clear to me who was a smoker; they had yellow cracking skin, ugly teeth, their hair was extremely thin and depleting in color, and they often coughed as though they had bronchitis all the time. Geesh, that image alone is enough for me to turn my thoughts away from the subject.

Smoking tires you out and makes you moody. It drains your soul and depletes your memory. It plays a role as a supportive crutch to your emotions, but if you just dealt with your emotions in the first place there would be no need for such a toxic crutch in your life. Smoking is killing you!

If you are a smoker.
You are better than the way you perceive yourself to be. The only reason why you’re a smoker in the first place is because you dread something about your own life, And the only way to fix the problem (in your mind) is to smoke a cigarette.

I know that smoking cigarettes are generally looked at as an addictive platform, but the only addiction that lies in the activity is your own emotional platform.

Have you ever thought that the reason why you smoke so many cigarettes is because you wear a mask to hide your emotions, and the only thing that allows you to take off the mask is when you spark-up?

Addictions are the perfect crutch to our mental trauma. They are the perfect vice. The problem is; there are so many smokers out there. It’s extremely difficult to kick the habit when you were always around smokers. As we view their habits we feel more comfortable with our own smoking addiction. This is perhaps where the addiction gets worse.

Perhaps you were emotionally, mentally, physically or sexually abused in the past, and smoking is the only real reason you can feel adequate enough..

There are an infinite amount of reasons why we sparked up in the first place. Usually it comes randomly from an experience in the past with a old friend – perhaps back in the day when we skipped college class and went to the bar. And, ever since then we smoked cigarettes when alcohol touched our lips. After sparking up with him/her the first time it became our addiction.

Yes, smoking cigarettes is highly addictive, but everything can be addictive; sugar, coffee, junk foods, scrolling our newsfeeds on our cell phones. Heck, working out can be addictive – anything and everything is possibly addictive. So, it’s time to stop focusing on the addiction itself and direct your attention on a why you started it in the first place. I’m sure if you spend some quality time into this activity your undress a few different reasons why you are so addicted. And, I’m sure you’ll learn to understand that its more emotional/mental than physical.

Stop smoking cigarettes all together! There’s really no reason for them in your life. They say (and have said for years) that smoking one cigarette will take off seven minutes of your life. Whether this is true or not, there are so many more negative reasons than positive in the realm.

One final message about smoking cigarettes.
You are freely being self-destructive every time you light up a cigarette. Have you ever thought that you are committing mental suicide, playing a game of Russian roulette with your health every single time your thumbs hits your BIC?

Well, you are!

I know my message isn’t the only anti-smoking message you’ve heard. My words may come to you as quite redundant actually. There’s been a wave of anti-smoking messages for decades.

Often times, we need a more emotional/mental disconnection from the habit to ultimately make it happen (stop smoking). I hope my message hits you differently than the plethora of anti-smoking messages you’ve already heard.


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