The art of being still

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I find it extremely difficult these days to slow my mind down. As an entrepreneur for over a decade and a half I’ve built a mindset on a very fast-paced platform. Even when I have the opportunity to relax my mind is thinking of how it can be active.

Over the years I’ve ingrained a hard-working ethic into my mind. Yes, it’s led me to an immense amount of accomplishment and happiness, but it’s also driven my mind to a frenzy. I just can’t slow my mind down.

I’m grateful these days that I get the opportunity to work from home. It allows me to spend as much time as I need/want with my kids. And, they get to grow up spending more time with their father than most. The flexibility of my job allows me to do what I need to do when I need to do it. I’ve been quite the homebody lately.

My day job doesn’t require a lot of effort. It provides me with a stable income but it doesn’t offer a lot of opportunity. I mean, I am happy where I am but I’m complacent. Being that I don’t have to focus my attention on business anymore, much like I used to my mind begins to wonder what to do next.

As mentioned, as an entrepreneur my mind has been trained day after day to focus on accomplishments, and it’s done a great job in doing so, but the platform that my mind has operated on for so many years has led me to overthink everything.

I can’t seem to just sit still and be calm and relaxed. I can’t seem to slow my mind down. It’s always thinking about what it needs to do next. This is truly exhausting.

I want to focus my mind on one single individual activity at once, but my mind is used to multitasking. It wants to do everything at once which makes it extremely difficult to just slow the pace of my mind and relax.

What’s even more interesting is that my mind has been trying to indulge in various vices and habitual activities more so than I used to. My spare time made it incredibly easy for me to think of different activities to pursue, and most the time these activities aren’t the best for my health.

This level of thinking has been brought to a higher standard. The funny thing is; I have more time to do what I want to life now but I’ve disabled my abilities to just live in the moment. This is dissatisfying to me.

Though I would like to provide an answer to this scenario, I will utilize my free time to focus on meditation practices, watching movies and reading good books. This will surely slow my mind down.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens.

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