The developing story

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No matter how bad the issues get in my life I still appreciate everything I have. The good definitely outweighs the bad in my life. Unfortunately, not many of us see it this way.

It won’t take you very long to find a truly unhappy person. I’m not talking about just someone who has a frown on their face as they walk down the street. No, I’m talking about someone who is truly deeply unhappy with themselves and life itself.

The truth is; most of the world population is unhappy. Whether it’s money, more materialism, or more of anything, there’s a good chance there’s someone sitting on the other end without.

All throughout our lives, we are engrained to thinking we need more, when in actuality, We have exactly what we need. Happiness is sitting right inside of us unknown to our minds.

Happiness is like an optical illusion. Nobody quite understands how it is brought to fruition. Only the maker of the video game of Life knows it’s true algorithmic definition of what I’m talking about. This makes it extremely difficult for any one individual to succeed in his/her pursuit in finding true lasting happiness.

In search of my own true lasting happiness I’ve come to conclusion that it truly doesn’t exist. No single mind can truly be in a state of happiness when he/she is looking for more of anything. The truth is; we all want something.

They say that babies are the only true form of humanity that doesn’t want to single thing. But, I would beg to differ that within hours, minutes, even seconds of birth it’s searching for food and shelter. These are two common forms of want.

In my opinion, babies want just as much as adults. But, that’s not the point I’m trying to make.

The point that I’m trying to make is that each of us are in pursuit of finding true lasting happiness. But, along our journey, during the developing story, we missed the true underlying factor that generates lasting happiness; living in the moment.

Very few of us meditates on a daily basis. Even when we do meditate we are lost in our minds for only a brief moment. After the meditation is complete we have yet an entire 23 hours of the day remaining to end our pursuit of wanting everything.

You need only to go to the local shopping mall to see how much of Want is actually wanted out there. People are so eager to swipe their favorite credit card, trying to fill their emotional void of not having what they want, that they are missing the point in life. It’s truly a sad fact that literally the entire population feels naked because they don’t have what they want.

If they were only to search for more contentment inside, rather than focusing on the outward push to achievement and materialism, they would be truly happy people, but the truth resides in the opposite.

The developing story is today, and tomorrow, and the next day. And, the next day after that. It’s an ongoing cycle. It’s truly your choice, and your choice alone, to excel in your life, and to find what you are looking for. I hate to tell you that it’s sitting right in front of your face. In fact, you don’t even have to do anything to achieve it. Because it’s nothing at all. It’s in the moment itself.

Contentment – true lasting happiness only dwells in a mindset that’s free from thoughts of want altogether.

Stop asking yourself what is needed in order to achieve lasting happiness in your life and start looking within to find the answers.

Ask yourself, how many of my wants are actually necessary in my life? Which ones can I eliminate from my conscious mind altogether?

These simple questions that’ll help you harness the very important answer that neither of us actually needs anything other than the bare necessities; shelter, food and love. After that we need to just be.


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