The dream that never faded

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I’m standing at the plate, bottom of the ninth, bases-loaded, the game is tied at Two.

I have cleared the mechanism and directed my focus on my opponent – the pitcher; the one throwing 101 mile an hour fastball’s at me.

I connect with the next ball that’s thrown at me, sending it well beyond the home run fence, winning the game – the World Series championship, and the dream that I had since I was a child.

The image is priceless.

After hitting the ball, I stood there for a moment, and my attention directed to my peripheral. I noticed all the screaming fans in the crowd as they chanted my name routing me on.

It was a feeling I had felt 1000 times before. Ever since my youth I had harnessed the same image of achievement. This dream reoccurred well into adulthood. And, the feeling was just as pleasurable as the first time I experienced it.

Ever since a young boy I wanted to become a professional baseball player, playing on the Toronto Blue Jays; the sports team that I developed more than a liking to. I had built a mindset around.

This reoccurring dream brings a fantasy of possibility. It means so much more than just a reoccurring image of chanting fans and winning a trophy, it’s a deep inner symbol of my psyche.

Come to think of it, ever since I had this reoccurring dream, I’ve challenged myself; my talents and abilities to over-achievement. This daydream has reflected so many possibilities in my own life. Although not in the same physical realm as a sports game, it led to many profound possibilities outside of the sports arena. Things such as parenting two beautiful young girls, or being a caring husband to my wife. Or, writing 14 books on motivation, speaking to 1 million students, or anything between. This one single image made me strive for so much in my life.

It made me want to be a better friend, a better sibling, a better father. It made me excel at my talents and abilities, And it made me strive for my best self. The image made me drive harder than I thought I ever could.

I knew there was no possible way I could ever become a professional baseball player, let alone participate in the World Series without extreme hard work and inner will. In fact, I knew that I had to strive for my best self everyday to achieve any realm of greatness, inside or outside of athletics.

I used this daydream as an example of how hard I would have to strive towards everything that was important to me in life. And, no matter what it was, I ensured that I used the same values in completing it.

This single daydream has led me to achieve many great things. It has led me to become a wholesome individual in business and in my personal life. And it has helped me develop quality beliefs towards my mission of happiness.

I am eternally grateful for my reoccurring daydream.

Getting back to my daydream:
As I round the bases, as my foot steps on first plate, instantly, a wave of happiness runs through my veins. As my foot steps on second plate, I realize that I had just accomplished exactly what I was looking to achieve. Adrenaline starts to flow through my veins. As a cross third plate, thoughts of all the hard work I went through to achieve this very feat surface my mind. It sends a different type of adrenaline through my veins. And, as I step on home plate, I realize that my dream actually came to fruition in real life.

Every time I have this daydream, it reminds me of all the individual achievements I’ve had in my life. It reminds me of all the challenges I have overcome, and all the obstacles I’ve faced (and overcame). It makes me appreciate how far I’ve come in my life, and it makes me grateful for what I have because everything I’ve strive towards was in honour of this daydream.


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