The fascinating thing about nothing at all

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I recently retired from my very first career as a youth motivator. I had put in eighteen passionate years into the industry. Yes, there were a multitude of various characteristics that led to my decision but it really all boiled down to self improvement. I wanted to excel at other passionate areas of talent and life in general.

In the beginning I really didn’t have much to focus on. I was trying to fill the gaps in my spare time (now that I wasn’t focusing on my business anymore). I started to think of all the different activities I could pursue by myself and with my friends and family. But, that only ate away a small portion of my time. After that, I focused on re-adjusting my expectations because I thought I was expecting too much out of my days. I thought life should be more interesting. Then, as I got lost in my own thoughts, I thought of something more profound; living in the moment.

Ever since I was younger I had heard the statement, live in the moment. It wasn’t until recent that I truly experienced it to full fruition. I decided to meditate.

I must say, when I initially started my mediation, my mind was racing with thoughts. I couldn’t stop thinking. My mind wandered in so many different directions, but I didn’t allow any one thought to stay present for very long. And, any other thought that encouraged me to give my attention to it, I once again eliminated it for my conscious mind altogether.

What was most intriguing was the most random things that came to my mind when I shut out all the things it was used to seeing. For example, I looked at the drywall and wondered how it was made and fastened to my walls; something I would’ve never thought of before. My mind kept thinking of randomness.

At this point, I had realized that there’s literally no possible way to slow my mind to exactly nothing, so I just allowed the thoughts the flow inside my mind freely. In doing so, I was able to appreciate the different flow of thought altogether. My mind used to be so focused on business, it was enlightening to just focus on nothing at all (that mattered).

Sometimes the best opportunities we receive come to us when we tune our mind towards the opposite of what It’s used to seeing every day. When you shut the door in one respect, another one will open.You sometimes just need to take the initial step to make it happen. Force your mind to think differently – about NOTHING.

It’s fascinating that nothing can be fascinating. Try it for yourself.


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