The image of success

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I used to consistently have nightmares about not accomplishing enough before I die. I used to dream up catastrophic events that took place right in front of me, all of which were due to lack of a fulfilling life. I used to look at all the great achievers like Anthony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan/Jackson and the like, and I would wish I could be just like them. I listened to their words of wisdom and their reasoning as to why they’re so successful. In fact, for countless hours I would listen to motivational audio clips, I read handfuls of books, and I practiced their techniques hoping that I would be somewhat similar.

Over the years, I built a sense of entitlement. I felt like I was better than the others, like I was special. In fact, the more I accomplished the more I wanted. My expectations grew tenfold, and in no time I started getting dissatisfied with myself. Nothing was ever good enough. No matter how many accomplishments I achieved, I still wasn’t happy.

I remember so many times wondering why I hadn’t been found by any great promoters. I thought my stuff was the best; That I could motivate others like no other could.

After my nightmares surfaced, when I was able to gain a clear mind, I used to wish that I could be the ultimate; the best. I wanted to be better than Anthony Robbins. I wanted to sell more book copies and break bigger records. I wanted to speak to the largest audience. For years, I dreamed all these great things. Yes, I did learn a lot of life lessons, and I did fulfill a lot of accomplishment, but I didn’t even come close to achieving any of these great things, yet.

I have now grown to be a 36-year-old adult with two children, a wife, a house in the suburbs of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. And, to be honest; things are quite simple. I work an ordinary job. I live paycheck to paycheck just like the rest. And, life is somewhat bland like the rest too. For the most part, I’ve stopped dreaming big things like I used to. I have stopped building my expectations as well because my life is completely different.

Recently, I’ve been dwelling on thoughts of not accomplishing these great things. It brings me back to a state where I truly whole-heatedly wanted all these great things, when I felt I had that capability to do all these great things. But, then realize that my responsibility are entirely different than it was before. I no longer have the same ability to take the same type of risks, nor do I have the ambition like I used to. I can’t even imagine anything great like this anymore.

As I ponder these thoughts, I start to feel depressed about my life. Yes, I have wonderful children, a beautiful wife, a great house in the suburbs, and I’m generally happy, but I feel like the flame in my heart; the passion that I used to have has been tainted.

I never did become the multi millionaire public speaker like a wanted to be. Nor did I aspire to break massive records, or even speak to the largest audience possible, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t don’t have a tremendous life.

In the overall perspective, if you look at all characteristics that fulfill our happiness, my levels reach nearly an A+ or 9/10 of a satisfying life. I have, once again, great kids, health and happiness. I live in one of the best places; an economically thriving community in one of the nicest countries of the world. I have great friends and a supportive family. I have an opportunity that pays me well and allows me the freedom to spend time with my children whenever I want to/need. Things in my life these days are quite exciting actually. But, I wouldn’t of ever realize this until I actually thought about it and wrote about it.

That’s the thing; all too often we go through our lives without appreciating what we already have. We are always so focused on the things we do not have, or we are so focused on the past mistakes we’ve made. This only weakens our mindset. It only brings us down

Sometimes we need to explore our accomplishments and take a look back at the things that we’ve already achieved, like the things I’ve already mentioned in my own personal life. This way we can acknowledge the fact that we aren’t losers and that we do you have accomplishment under our belts. When you’re able to grasp onto the concept that you have already made a small mark upon society this will surely build your spirits. This is the best way to increase your happiness actually.

I remember back to my youth when I hosted these nightmares about lacking accomplishment. It brings me to realize that although I didn’t quite accomplish what I had set out to do, in the overall perspective of attaining peace and happiness on this earth, I have achieved this. I must also come to realize that I have accomplished more than most famous people.

Although I never became an A-list actor like I wanted to be, nor did I become the number one public speaker like Anthony Robbins, and, I didn’t even make it to the big screen, I have accomplished more than most folks who have.

I’ve written 14 books, I’ve produced four feature films/documentaries, I’ve traveled literally every square inch of North America and spoken to almost 500 schools/1,000,000 students. In the midst of all of this, I was able to raise a successful family, purchase a house of our own, and I was able to raise two wonderful, happy and healthy children. I would say that my life is been a success.

I encourage you to muster up all your accomplishments in your past. Imagine how you felt when you achieve them, and take it one step further by writing about the appreciation you host towards these accomplishments. It’s time that you start appreciating what you already have. This, I promise you, will catapult your mindset into a new dimension.


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