The #MeToo movement

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You don’t have to scroll very far down the news feed of any social Media platform to witness posts and comments from people all over the world depicting their story within the #MeToo movement. There’s actually a pretty good chance some of the comments are from Your close friends and family members. Perhaps a colleague at work.

For a message that was supposed to be quite subtle, the #Metoo movement has not only garnered the attention of every walking body on this planet in weeks of its initial post, but it’s struck society in so many profound ways, it’s difficult to comprehend it true meaning.

For some, it’s been “a ridiculous tirade of negative nonsense in our media,” where, “how dare they” share their sexual past stories with us. Whereas, for others, it rings a new movement towards a safer and more respectable working environment. Regardless how you perceive the #Metoo movement, it definitely means well.

The initial movement was first distributed through Tatiana Burke via Twitter, and was once again visited by movie star Alyssa Milano in 2017 as an act against sexual abuse. It was a platform to engage in the movement against the infiltration of sexual abuse in the workplace. The movement was perhaps the largest act that denounced many political and educational leaders against sexual acts upon coworkers. It affected employment opportunities amongst many actors, directors and producers in the entertainment industry, even the general public got involved and were affected in the movement.

Due to its perceived negative affect upon recent society (because so many people lost their jobs) it’s been labelled as “a plague in our social media.” Whereas, others are weighing in on the situation with an entirely new perspective. They believe it’s a useful tool to get rid of the people that plague our society.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to weigh in on the discussion due to its extreme nature, but after seeing and hearing some rather negative things (about the movement) from friends, family and the general public, I wanted to bring new insight to the equation, in hopes that my opinions will help the general public understand that the #Metoo movement is actually a worthwhile initiative.

Although I won’t get into any personal detail about my #Metoo story/situation, I can attest that sexual abuse is truly a plague upon society. It happens a lot more than anyone realizes. It happens to the people you’d least expect, and, most likely, some of your closest colleagues have been affected.

Most cases of sexual abuse don’t get reported. Very few (worldwide) cases do. That’s one simple reason why it’s important for victims to have a platform that makes them feel a little safer to report their abuse. Although the #Metoo movement may not seem entirely safe due to its public nature, and reporting it through this means isn’t a credible “police report,” many positive attributes occur simply by just writing about it.

Writing is an extremely useful tool that, often times, is therapeutic. It helps relieve the trauma. I have personally found that writing helps me remove my emotional connection entirely from any given situation. I believe the #Metoo movement was trying to garner this very activity.

If, in all occurrences, it inspires the person to make an actual police report against the perpetrators that’s the true aim. This simply cannot go I noticed.

Yes, I will not hide the fact that this very movement has affected the lives of perhaps tens of thousands of people. Jobs were lost, and are still being lost. Opportunities were forfeited. The divorce pool is increasing vastly as relationships were tainted. And, plenty of other misfortunate events took place because of this very activity. But, one cannot forget to realize that a lot of great things came out of this movement as well.

The #Metoo movement created a platform for sexually abused individuals to share their story in hopes that it would catapult a healthier working environment for those who don’t have confidence to speak up. This in itself is enlightening. It’s true; There are literally millions of people who are victims of sexual abuse. The problem is; there hasn’t been any real movement towards ending it. The sad thing is, it (sexual abuse) happens to literally a quarter of the worlds population, but until recent, it hadn’t even had a light shone on it. This is why it’s imperative that we continue these types altruistic societal movements.

Fortunately, I was able to get over my emotional connection (with the sexual abuse I suffered) without resorting to online platforms, but, in most cases, that’s all people feel comfortable with. Many people don’t feel comfortable speaking about this issue with another person. Although, I’m not recommend getting involved with the movement itself, because there are risks in putting yourself out there, especially when it pertains to this type of material, but, I would recommend learning from the movement as much as you can.

Everyone is affected in some way when it comes to sexual abuse. Even though it may not have happened to you or your kids, one in four people you associate on a daily basis has been affected by it.

Sexual abuse taints the minds of its victims. It causes many psychological defects, and, in many cases, the trauma lasts in one’s psyche for prolonged period of time, sometimes a lifetime. If this issue isn’t dealt with in the proper fashion the victim could fall into a negative downward spiral of depression. In addition, this type of abuse often acts as a virus; it spreads from one person to another. When someone is sexually abused, he/she feels in adequate in many ways, and he/she will often act inappropriately towards others (mainly the opposite sex). This virus takes control of your thoughts in many aspects, and unfortunately it only generates more negativity, possibly more sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse is perhaps one of the last truly important revolutions society needs to adhere to/overcome. The general public needs to grasp onto the true understanding of its detriment upon our society otherwise it it’ll only get worse. That’s why, in my opinion, the #Metoo movement is an important one.

What’s your perspective?



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