The origin of your beliefs

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Our beliefs are derived from our past experiences and from our closest influences. Each of us goes through different experiences in life which means that our own individual beliefs are unique to ourselves. No other human being has the exact same beliefs to the exact same degree. In fact, each experience in life potentially alters our perceptions of the way we see reality. When we go through negative experiences, it automatically alters the lens we see the world through. This lens can become quite tainted with impurities over a period of time. These impurities force us to become anxious with ourselves, frustrated with life, and actually strengthen and become more forceful within your mind over the years. This creates nasty mental problems and disables us to live life to its fullest. It also prevents us from achieving happiness in any form and grounds us from attaining the goals and ambitions that serve within our minds. It’s important to locate these impurities as soon as possible so you can proactively work towards eliminating them altogether. Once eliminated, new positive beliefs can be formed.

Many of the beliefs that we harness as adults were formed within the first stages of our lives. Our parents, Grandparents, friends and siblings, Aunts and Uncles, and a variety of other influences contributed to the formation of our early beliefs. When we come into the world as children we know no different. Until we reach an age where we realize we can modify our own beliefs, we simply latch onto the beliefs of our everyday influences. Many of us harness the same types of beliefs as our parents because they were our biggest influences in our lives. Many times, these beliefs strengthen as we grow older because we haven’t latched onto new more empowering beliefs. For example: many of the fears that we have as adults are similar to the fears that our parents had. We’ve simply gravitated towards their fears because that’s all we’ve experienced. Perhaps these fears have grown throughout our lives, even though we rarely experience them. Over the years, we’ve literally become our influences. We’ve been molded to repeat similar actions as they did, and we’ve even been guided along a similar life path too. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for a child to follow similar roles in the workplace as their parents. It’s what they’ve been accustomed to, and our parents know no different because that’s what they’re used to. In fact, anger, hatred, abuse and many other damaging emotions are also taught by our superiors. We absorb a lot of our parents beliefs. More than you may realize. The good news is that you need no longer be consumed by any limitations, any hurtful emotions or any self-defeating beliefs that you’ve learned in the past. You have the power within yourself to be who you want to be.

Creating an optimal mindset that’s fueled with passion, happiness and compassion takes dedication. There are literally hundreds of different labels, beliefs and emotional attachments that we’ve absorbed throughout our lives. Yes, genetics do play a role in the growth of our human characteristics, however, your mind is singly controlled by you and nobody else. This means that you control what type of information encrypts your mindset. You have the ability to make positive changes to your beliefs.

Throughout the years, we’ve become seasoned to believe that we’re not good enough to achieve our desires. This was simply brought on by factors relating to failure, mistakes and abuse within our lives. Other factors contribute to this; however, the painful memories of early childhood experiences still seem to bring up feelings of dissatisfaction. As mentioned, our beliefs are derived from the beliefs of others. It’s important to grasp onto the beliefs that suit your lifestyle. Everyone is unique in their own way. We all want different desires in life. It’s important to gravitate towards the beliefs that support your desires. You aren’t your past! There’s no reason to hold onto any ill or negative beliefs at all. Ill beliefs simply create a false sense of who you are and act as a barrier between ourselves and our goals in life.

When we reflect upon the origin of our thoughts and beliefs, we become to realize that not only did our beliefs derive from our closest influences (our parents, friends, peer groups and the like); they’re also compiled from other various mental influences like television, radio, billboards and other advertisements. In fact, studies have shown that the average person is prone to literally thousands of advertisements per day. These advertisements are filled with mental garbage that promises satisfaction and contentment upon purchasing their products. People who see these advertisements are sold on the fact that they will feel happier, content and less stressed upon purchasing their brands; however, most times, they just leave us wanting more and make us feel more dissatisfied with ourselves. Their advertisements include subliminal messages that weaken our esteem and make us feel inadequate, which ultimately leads to more negativity and disappointment. They make us feel like we need their products to feel happy again, or they make us believe that happiness lies within a simple click of the mouse on our computers. We are perfectly fine with what we have. In fact, we need to eliminate the feelings of inadequacy and start appreciating what we already have. We need to shut out the negative influences that taint our beliefs, and we need to latch onto the positive beliefs that empower us. The truth is; when you realize how grateful you are for what we already have, you will become a lot less focused on everyone else and become a lot more committed within.

In addition, some of our beliefs come from spirituality or religious domains. I won’t touch too much on this topic because I expressed all my thoughts in my first book The Next Chapter. There are literally hundreds of different religions, if not thousands amongst us. These religions were based on various beliefs to help their members bring on spiritual enlightenment. However you formed your beliefs it’s important to know that you are the one that calls the shots within your life. You are the one that is in charge of the way you live your life. There are potentially thousands of different answers to some of the most profound questions in our lives, not just one. Knowing this important fact can act as encouragement to seek the right life path; the one with beliefs that are right for you!

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