The reoccurring daydream

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The dream is always the same. It’s reoccurred in my mind since I was seven. I still dream of the same spectacle almost on a daily basis at the age of 36.

The dream:
I’m standing at the plate during the World Series, bottom of the ninth inning with bases-loaded and two outs. The first two pitches thrown at me are strikes.

Before the third pitch is thrown at me my body absorbs an amazing feeling of energy as I revel in the moment. It’s such a huge opportunity to win the World Series for my team.

I connect with the next pitch that’s thrown at me and send it well over the fence for a home run winning the game for the team. This is the largest moment in baseball history.

As I round the bases, and as I step on first base an overwhelming feeling of joy runs through my veins. As I round second base I glance at the 40,000 spectators cheering me on. This sends a heightened feeling of energy. As I step on third plate I realize that I have accomplished everything I’ve ever wanted to do. Happiness runs through my veins even more. And, as I step on home-plate many flashbacks of all the influences who were a big part in my overall accomplishment rush to my mind. At that moment I realize that I truly didn’t win the game solely by myself. I had encouragement all throughout the way. In fact, there were handfuls of people along my journey to successes who have helped me in some way.

This sends a warm feeling of appreciation for all the love and support from my family and friends have provided.

The image fades to none. And, at this time, I usually wake up from the dream.

The dream is always the same. It’s never different. In fact, over the years I think I’ve mastered the art of displaying this specific daydream to myself.

Although I never became a professional baseball player like I really wanted to back when I was seven years old, I surely did become an inspiration. No, I didn’t strap on any baseball cleats or swing for the fences in the form of baseball. Instead, I used my passion and talents to motivate society.

As of this day I’ve travelled to more than 500 communities and spoken to over one million students about making positive lifestyle choices. In addition, I’ve produced two feature films and four documentaries on youth issues. I’ve written 14 books on motivation, and I still haven’t stopped. In the industry of motivation there is no retirement.

As I continue to get these reoccurring daydreams about baseball and winning the World Series, I realize it portrays a very similar image of my Actual life (my overall accomplishments). Even though it wasn’t bats that I was swinging, It was my communication that led me to my successes in life. My talents and efforts in my eyes have gone a lot further than winning a baseball game that might soon be forgotten. The motivation I have served will surely last a lifetime for some.

I think the biggest message I learned from this is that life is too difficult to place judgement and expectations. Nobody ever knows exactly how their life will pan out. There are too many unforeseen obstacles and influences. But, we can be hopeful and continue to have faith in ourselves regardless of where we end up. And, of course, we can pursue a path that fulfills our happiness. But, that’s the story of everyone’s lives.

After high school I never played another game of competitive baseball. Although my talents were in gear to land a spot on the roster of a professional sports team, there was one unforeseen obstacles that stood in my way that landed me in a completely different direction of life.

At our graduation party a good friend of mine passed away from an irresponsible drunk driving accident. This encouraged me to change my overall direction. I became a motivational speaker encouraging people to make healthy choices. As you’ve already read, the direction of my life was quite vastly different; I focussed on writing and producing (communication) rather than playing sports. But, I can surely attest that my decision has led to an equal amount of joy and satisfaction in my life, probably more. Plus, I helped a tremendous amount of people along the way.

Each of us has a reoccurring daydream that constantly filters through our thoughts. This image for many is filled with unpleasant images of mistakes, regrets and hatred. In fact, as we go through life, we often grasp onto these negative instances, and we add them to the reoccurring daydream. By the time we become adults we have a very distinctions daydream that we can barely understand. This enters our minds literally thousands of times each year. The negativity from this daydream has drained our passion and ambition towards anything satisfying. It withers away any chances of success actually. And, it leaves us feeling worthless.

Your confidence is a reflection to this very daydream that I speak of, which ultimately means that your life is in the hands of the quality of this daydream. You’ll understand what I mean when you just pay attention to your daily thoughts.

Often times this daydream is broken apart into many components. You might daydream about your failed marriage in the morning, and in the afternoon your daydream roams around your unhealthy eating practises – imagining yourself as the state-puffed marshmallow man destructing everything that gets in your way. And, in the evening your imagination takes you to your fears of standing in front of an audience delivering a presentation. Your dream may be very mixed up and broken into many different parts. And, it may not have the same detail like mine. I’m sure my daydream took months to form it’s story. But, I promise you that this daydream is surely present in your life. You just have to look close enough.

I guarantee you’ll come to realize that each of these mini daydreams you have are feeding off the same negative issue. It serves you the same negative emotions. You’ll find that You’re broken daydream is a direct reflection of your overall confidence – why you have/haven’t achieved what you were looking for in life. This may very well be the answer to fulfilling your happiness.

What is your daydream telling you?

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