This world is an entirely different place

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I get a kick out of grown adults who state, “Oh, it’s all the same as it was back when I was a kid,” Or, how they make it seem as though Life is nearly exact same as it was 50 years ago. This could be further from the truth.

There are more than a handful differences in comparison to decade ago, let alone five decades. There are nearly 5 times or more people. Education isn’t even close to being the same. Opportunities are completely different as well. Industry has a new perspective in the mix. Plus, there’s a whole new realm multiculturalism everywhere. Houses are built differently. Investments are situated among different industry. There’s really not a whole lot the same in comparison to 50 years ago.

Some of the biggest changes I’ve seen in the past few decades is the school system. Studies are different. There’s far less teacher/pupil respect And, it’s far more difficult for the students to fit in with their friends, find new friends, or just be plain comfortable in their footsteps. In addition, bullying has massively hit the spot light, where it wasn’t even distinguished back in the day. Suicides are on an intensive increase, and levels of respect have decreased significantly across the board.

What’s even more interesting is that it’s tough to find good quality workmanship anymore. People are lazy these days, and they feel they’re owed everything. People don’t want to work hard for accomplishment, and they procrastinate more than they did before. Unfortunately, the level of craftsmanship Just isn’t close to what it was back in the day.

The days were you would harness a job for most of your life are over. People barely work somewhere more than a few months. As soon as things get tough they jump ship and move elsewhere. And, motor accidents are on the rise as the population increases.

Now, some of the fortunate things we’ve accomplished in the past half century are: more/better technology in pretty much every field, we have better medicine and we’ve literally copied the human life form via the internet. Algorithm is the new God.

Life is really not very similar to the way it was 50 years ago. It’s actually a completely different place in almost all aspects. It’s time we start treating it as a different place, otherwise it’s just going to serve more disappointment.


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