Wanting to be a better person truly does work

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It’s been said time and time again that you need to want to be a better person in order to truly make a positive impact in your life. And, these words couldn’t of been better said.

Is true; in order to generate any type of wealth or success you need to be willing to make it happen. If an individual isn’t ready for the change there’s very little that’ll actually happen. In fact, this is the common grounds of complacent humanity these days.

Myself, I’ve always had very little distraction towards trying to be a better person. But, my actions haven’t always allowed me to excel as anticipated. Usually, something along my path has detoured my plans, leaving me stranded somewhere I didn’t want to be. This left me searching yet again to be a better person. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through this exact same scenario in my life.

I did find however that when I set my mind to achieve optimal happiness that’s when I was able to achieve the most in my life. The problem thereafter was trying to constantly find ways to want to be a better person.

In addition, I changed my mind with what ‘achievement’ meant to me over the years, changing my mind so many times, I faltered in finding what I was truly looking for; inner contentment with what I already have.

We get lost in trying to ‘achieve’ and we forget to just ‘Live.’ Stop thinking of all the materialism, or more money, or a bigger house (and the like) because true contentment only lies within.

Happiness isn’t found through any external force. It’s much easier than that my friend.

Any realm of physical achievement will never set your heart exactly where it needs to be. You need to search within to find the true answers to what you are looking for.

To help you along your way to finding lasting happiness, ask yourself:
-How can I be a better person?
-Which habits can I eliminate right now?
-What does ideal happiness look like?
-How do I define happiness compared to success?
-Why am I trying to achieve happiness?
-Why do I pursue the actions I do daily? Include all common activities you do daily (repetitive), from hitting the snooze bar eleven times, way you drive to work, skipping lunch/breakfast, etc

Take this one step further by:
-Painting/drawing your image of happiness
-write about your past. Include as much detail as you can. See my previous posts on ‘moving on from what’s been holding you back in life.’

If you need anything, let me know. But, this will keep you busy and exactly in line with where you need/want to be – your best self.


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