We are all just trying to live lives of other people

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The inspiration we receive, The creativity we expel, and the action we take in our lives is a direct reflection of our influences.

All too often, we focus on trying to live lives similar to the ones we love, the ones we hang out with and the ones we are forced to listen to. But, clearly we are totally opposite of them.

Ever since we are born, we are led to believe certain things. Our values and beliefs were depicted for us from the very beginning. Very little of our creativity and imagination is our very own. These attributes are generally formed through the people we associate with.

Yes, we all have our own individual creative capabilities. We all think on different terms. But, for the most part, our creative imagination was formed through discussions with other people.

It’s extremely important to understand where your influence comes from. Especially because most of our imagination relies on it. You may not realize that every person you come across has the potential to influence you in some way. This can come from any living individual. It really doesn’t matter how much You feel they’re an influence, as long as they’re a part of your life, they can influence you in some way.

When you look at all the teenyboppers like Justin Bieber, or when you scroll through the most fortunate online bloggers, or even watching your favorite reality show, you will come to realize that all of it is just impostering recent modern influence; stuff that is been already accomplished.

Yes, there are plenty of athletes who are achieving better records these days, inventors inventing new things, Bloggers making more money, bands creating new age music, television shows depicting different scenarios, and the like. There is literally a plethora of slight differences in comparison to back in the day. But, for the most part, you’ll see that the majority of what is currently being accomplished is just plagiarism of what lied in our footsteps before hand.

This is neither a positive or negative thing. On one hand, if you look at the rate of technological advancement among humanity these days, your opinion will be persuaded to see it it is a very positive thing. On the other hand, you’ll see that much of our creativity has flourished. We are constantly remaking the same movies, the same songs and the same of everything. We remodel our talents based on what has already been achieved, and who’s already achieved it. We forget to look inside ourselves and realize that we have every capability of being different and unique on our very own.

There’s really no need in trying to plagiarize your life based on other people’s accomplishments. You are every bit unique that you need to be.


Step inside of your soul and grasp onto the creativity that once lived before you were scrutinized, before you were rejected and before you were laughed at.

Forget all the negativity you went through in your past; all the negative things other people said to you based on your opinions, and relinquish your creativity by choosing to let go of the negativity.

You can do this by writing about the experience(s) in depth, or simply by curbing the thoughts of negativity altogether. Read more in my blog post ‘letting go of the negativity’ overcome this.

Next, chose to tap into your creativity by accepting your current reality. Understand that you have faults, you’ve made mistakes and that you’ve gone through a lot of hurt in your life. You were also scrutinized by your opinions from your family, your coworkers and friends. This has all been very frustrating and has caused emotional strain on your mind. The sooner you can let go and accept what is (what you’ve gone through) and detach your emotional connection to your past, you’ll do well on your way to tapping into your true creativity.

This exercise will surely help you tap into your true creativity so you are no longer plagiarizing anyone else.


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