What life is made for..

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We live the same day over an over again. Each of our activities are the same just subtly modified. Compared to our previous days, we participate in the same types of activities, we work the same types of jobs, we succumb to the same types of habits, literally everything we do is a repetition of the past.

We play the same routine on repeat because our minds have been trained to aspire to nothing else. We haven’t really truly gone in depth to fully understand what we’re capable of because we haven’t truly understood ourselves fully. We haven’t quite tapped into ourselves, to get to know ourselves, for any great amount of time. We haven’t figured out what makes us truly happy. We know ourselves less than we know other people.

The majority of what we do, how we do it, and when we do it is derived through our closest influences. This includes friends, family, colleagues at college and at work, even acquaintances are influential. What’s intriguing is that most of us live similar lives because our influences derived through the exact same means. Literally our entire regimen is depicted through the same resources. We hear the same commercials on our radios. We read the same types of articles in the media. We scroll the same news feeds. We Attend the same colleges. We watch the same movies, listen to the same music, and we read the same books. We get inspired through the same means. No wonder why everyone is unhappily going in the same direction.

Try something new. Chances are you’re pursuing the exact same hobbies as yesterday because your mind knows no different.

Take a different way to work tomorrow and the day after that. Try to find new ways to drive to work as often as you can. You’ll be surprised how much a simple routine will spice up your routine. This simple activity-change can trigger new inspiration and insight. It’ll also garner new unforeseen obstacles.

Google new hobbies. Step back inside of your imagination; the one you left behind in your youth. Dream again, and stay determined to stick with something. Or, move from hobby to hobby, taking small joys in each. This will help you establish what you’re good at and what you actually enjoy.

Spice up your life! Otherwise you can expect the same old feelings of inadequacy. Look fear in the eyes and demand it to be brought down to nothing.

Unfortunately most of us fear change. We cringe just at the thought of doing something different. This was developed through, yet again, society and its ways, and through our closest influences.

Often times we don’t pursue something due to the unforeseen. Or, we give in far before we realize we have potential because of unhealthy influence. Relive your dreams by slowly accomplishing your childhood ambitions silently to yourself. There are many areas of your childhood interests you can explore that nobody needs to know about. You can explore them single-handedly. The skies the limit, and there’s more than enough time.

Try something new. Step out of your comfort zone and recreate who you are. You don’t need to stay unhappy. You can delve into the feeling of true happiness – if you can handle the uncertainty.

The number one reason why people (of any race, age, etc) don’t fulfill their dreams and aspirations is due to the unknown. Yes, they realize they could have what they want if they would just take the “first step”. That’s inevitable. What they cannot understand is that their fear of the “unknown.” They fear potential regret. Or, they project ridiculous impossibilities, anything that’ll allow them to remain complacent.

The majority of humanity fails to realize (as well) that the “first step” isn’t taking an actual step. The first step is a mental thing. It’s all in developing the inner will to move forward as a better person. What’s included in this “first step” is that one (the individual) MUST harness a deep inner will to change the lives for others in a positive manner. The problem with the direction of most people’s goal is that it’s aimed away from anything altruistic.

Life is made for enjoyment. Its made to be better. It’s made to make other people’s lives better. It’s to make your own life better, and, you guessed it, more enjoyable.

The more you can combine these the more you’ll be on your way to pursuing the very reasoning behind life itself; to find enjoyment and to strive for excellence.

Don’t continue to let the negativity creep into your life. You very well may be living a reciprocating life of unhappiness strictly because you haven’t explored your imagination enough.


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