What to expect in this world

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It’s incredible to see how far humanity has come in the past century. Technology has been driven to the nine’s, where virtually anything is possible when it comes to software and instrumentation. The most interesting fact I find is that a humans life span has nearly doubled in the past century. Nearly 100 years ago humans were only expected to live the 47 years. Now, our life expectancy is much more; close to 80.

What’s even more interesting is that the worlds population has nearly 6 times what it was back then. There are more people which brings more chaos in a society that was already tainted.

It’s mind blowing to see how vastly different society is these days compared to when our great grandparents lived. We have more things. We want more. We stress more. And we live longer. Some of this doesn’t add up in the equation.

You can go into any mall and get pretty much any type of gadget you could possibly think of. In fact, big box stores are flooded with products that promise to make our lives easier. But, in the realm of it all, its all just materialistic garbage. Regardless of how quick it’ll peel your carrots or how smart the television seems, eventually it will break down and stress you out in someway.

I don’t need to get in depth to help you understand that materialism will never make you happy. That’s another discussion in itself.

No matter how many things you purchase, neither of those purchases are going to put a lasting smile on your face.

Getting back to my point.

There are more than a handful of reasons that depict how vast society has changed in the past century. I don’t need to go into much more depth to help you understand this is true.

Recently, as I’ve become a father, I have found it extremely challenging to detain my radical thoughts of our ever-changing society in a negative way. Nasty thoughts have haunted my mind, primarily focusing on my children; how they’ll be affected by the changes.

In the past couple of decades I’ve seen how trends have negatively affected its people. Things such as computers; they’ve brought on a whole new realm of issues in the bullying/suicide sense. More disrespect, hatred and suicide happen online than any positive aspect. Although it (the internet) may seem to make our lives easier, it’s just invading your privacy, stressing you out and disconnecting people. This is the way I look at it at least.

Then there’s other forms of destructive technology. Now, are there are less than superpower countries whom are able to send ballistic missiles 7500 km (to diminish it opponent). This is something that would’ve only been brought up in fictional movies. Nope, it’s reality today.

This brings on a whole new idea to security. It’s compromised in so many different ways, it’s tough to distinguish who’s who in the mix anymore, especially online. And, while you’re trying to move forward in life, online hackers are disrupting your privacy in more than one way.

These types of thoughts often rummage through my mind. They’re like a reciprocating saw blade that keeps hacking away at my mindset. But, these days my thoughts are geared more towards my children rather than myself.

Yes, I understand that life is difficult. It isn’t easy regardless of who you are. This is something I’ve learned through much adversity, mishap and making plenty of mistakes. But, these days my mindset is focus more so on my children than myself.

I myself can handle the rejection, the discomfort and difficulty, but what sours my mind is that my children are going to have to live through this as well. And, what concerns me even more is how vastly different it could possibly be when they become adults. It might just be that much more difficult for them.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought these very same thoughts. I’m surprised it hasn’t driven me nuts yet.

It’s funny; most of the advice that I’ve heard from my colleagues and friends through the years have been directed towards the challenges I’ll need to face when my children (girls) are teenagers, but I can surely tell you that sex/relationships and getting into trouble is the least of my worries at this time. I’m more concerned about what type of society they will be bringing up their children in. It could quite possibly be devastating.

But, then I clear the mechanism and focus on nothing. I clear my mind of thoughts and just let my mind be. I forget about all the nasty nonsense altogether. My mind is now at peace and ease.

This brings me to the whole point of the story; regardless of how bad society gets, there will still be plenty of good things to pull out of the situation. Nobody has a life that isn’t capable of being better. You yourself just have to make a conscious choice to make it a better situation.

Yes, there will always be negative nasty things in the media, people dying, unfortunate health concerns, terrorist attacks and the like. That will always be present unfortunately. But, you can look at the positives in the situation regardless of who or where are you are in life and appreciate them. Everything else will fall into place.

There’s a good chance that society is getting worse by the moment than better these days, but you don’t need to dwell on that. There’s a very good chance society will be a lot worse when our children are adults than it is today. But, again, you cannot dwell on that either. You just need to move forward and appreciate what you have.

The rest will fall into place.

Life is a great thing if you make it that way. It all depends on the individual’s perspective. For some, life is truly amazing and wonderful, whereas, for others, it’s not so flavorful.

Interestingly, it really all comes down to perspective.

How do you want to live your life? Do you want to live in fear of the inevitable? Or, do you want to appreciate what you already have and live your life to its fullest? OK, there’s quite a difference between the two, but I think you know what I’m talking about.

You no longer need to dwell upon anything in life. Eventually, it all works itself out. You’re stressing yourself out if you’re stressing in the first place. Regardless of the situation, it’ll be worked out. I promise you this.

Now, release your negative thoughts and meditate on the possibilities.

Again, it’s all about perspective.


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