What’s your ideal lifestyle?

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“Happiness determines the quality of our lives. Without it we are merely wasting away our lives.”


This topic is yet another that can be explored into the deep depths. There are an intimate amount of factors that come into play within this discussion. The majority of people I talk to are committed that money is the most important component to their ideal lifestyle. In fact, I’m confident you would agree that money is an obvious factor in the realm of modern happiness. For the most part, the amount in a person’s bank accounts defines their level of happiness. There are however a variety of factors that come into play in living an optimal lifestyle.

I’ve sought answers from every type of person on this very subject. The young, the old, the wise, the ones who think they’re wise, even religious and spiritual perspectives have impacted my judgment towards this subject. I’ve gathered literally thousands of points of reference in relation to this question. I’ve come to a conclusion that happiness is the most important factor when forming and ideal lifestyle. Happiness determines the quality of our lives. There are three key components in achieving any realm of happiness. They are compassion, success and confidence.

Compassion connects us to the environment and allows us to succeed through respect. The Dalai Lama claims that Compassion is the root of all successes. In fact, compassion will help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. What you give to others you will receive in return. Some of the most successful people are those that give to others without the necessity of receiving. When you give to others you will feel more complete and wholesome. This is why compassion is so important in the mix.

Confidence may be one of the most overlooked factors in the realm. The truth is; without confidence our lives will diminish drastically. Confidence is another key component to all successes. Sadly, very few of us harness enough of it to achieve the type of happiness that’s just around the corner. Success in business, in relationships, in fact, success in any form cannot thrive without it. Every action we take in life relies on having a strong level of confidence. Often times, our judgments about ourselves are weaker than they are in reality. This is formed through negative beliefs we’ve formed in our lives. Confidence allows us to believe in ourselves.

Success is the final component that I want to throw into the mix. It happens to be another very important factor in achieving an ideal lifestyle. Success is a whole different topic to be explored. In fact, it means something different for everyone. What does success mean to you? Does it mean having more money, more clients, more children, or more family time? Does it mean having a better paying job, a huge house and lots of toys?

The truth is; everyone has a different opinion on what the ideal lifestyle is. This answer can only be defined by your own opinion. Who makes you most happy? What activities make you the most happiest? Work towards fulfilling these and you will bring upon happiness. Once you find happiness you’ll find your ideal lifestyle.


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