Who are infinite dreamers?

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“Dreams are the recipe to our passion, our actions are the ingredients.”


Infinite dreamers are exceptional people. They’re the most interesting people. They’re the ones that generate the most passion in their lives; they’re the happiest; the ones that have the most fun and generally the ones that take more risks for achievement. Being an infinite dreamer takes a lot of dedication because of the negative influences that surround them. Those that stray away from the negativity are the ones that have the best imagination. They become the best dreamers. The truth is; we all have the ability to become infinite dreamers.

In my years as a motivator I’ve heard every excuse when it comes to failed dreams. From lack of time and commitment to lack of passion and interest, and everything in between. I’ve heard it all. When talking about the difference between dreaming and non-believing, almost every time it comes down to imagination. Near one hundred percent of all millionaires are dreamers.They have wonderful imaginations.

Dreams give us freedom. They generate a playground for our thoughts. They’re the recipe to passion. Dreamers are those who believe anything is possible. They’re the ones dedicated to their craft. Dreamers are the ones that break away from negativity when it persists. They’re the ones that imagine their days ahead of time, and they never falter around obstacles because they’re confident in their abilities. They set their goals strong, further than most would because their imagination serves them confidence. Dreaming is what makes people feel alive.

Where do dreams come from? Dreams come in all different shapes and sizes. Some say they come from Angel’s in the sky, while others try to prove there’s the great Law of Attraction at hand. It doesn’t matter how our dreams get inside our heads, the important thing is that we use them to enjoy our lives. A dream is strong enough to move mountains. It’s greater than the ability of a freight train. Dreams have led to major innovations and technological advances. They’ve led to landing people on the Moon and other major accomplishments. They’ve brought us the ability to solve health cures. They’re literally miracles in the making. The truth is; if you cannot visualize it, it will be impossible to bring to fruition.Become a dreamer and never let rejection overcome your goal, regardless of what it is. Don’t let anyone discourage you. Dreamers create endless opportunities.



Visualize your most ideal lifestyle. Imagine the happiest environment. Take your daydream and explore every aspect of its presence. In this dream where do you live? Where do you work? How much money do you make? What types of coworkers do you work with? What types of relationships serve you? Be as detailed as possible. Delve deep into this visualization exercise. Be aware of everything that surrounds you, including the city you live in and the friends you hang around with. Pay attention to the small facts too, like the hours you work each day and how long your commute to work is each morning. The simple details help us form the most infinite dreams.

Start a journal and write down your infinite dream. Describe your emotions as well. How do you feel as you live your dream? You may want to start with a simple point form description at first, then you can work it into a more formal story later. Writing your thoughts can act as incredible inspiration. Revisiting your daydream often will allow you to bring it to fruition quicker.

Nothing great can be achieved without first dreaming about it.”


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